Shift your life, Master your mindset, battleproof your confidence.

We all have the ability to pivot under any conditions and remember that circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him.

By feeling cheerful throughout the day, we become an Instrument of peace. Spend some time in silence it is most powerful and rewarding experience.

Nothing you do will make everything perfect.Your job is to live your best life not suffer because sometimes we need to just realize that how little we need in order to be satisfied and at peace.

Stop being upset about everything as it would not respond the way we expect to. Hard but that’s life all about! Accept the truth and be grateful, for your life matters.

Distance yourself for a while from the things that make you feel low or negative influence as they would only drain your energy.

Focus only on what can be changed and don’t dwell on why things didn’t work or what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do from here onwards move on is not easy it would take some time.

Spend your energy moving forward seeking the opportunity to work best when everything fails.

When we get stuck into downfalls or failure or heartbreak we believe that life is all about that’s past but the truth is life is about present circumstances.

We need to be complied with the new beginning letting go that doesn’t reflect the growth that which remains stagnant, just let it go. When we let go we believe in self, we believe that there is a bright tomorrow.

Remember peace of mind is when we are able to live in the present moment.

Take charge of your life now! 

Master your mindset, battleproof your confidence, own your highest power to wake up each day radiating hope, strength, wisdom and love, regardless of whether you’re at the peak of the mountain or lost in the valley of heartbreak.

Focus to live the rest of your life at iconic levels of happiness, prosperity and influence.

Smile and overcome your challenges, no matter what your troubles are, there are people who are experiencing much worse.

It is human tendency that when bad things happen to us, we overlook the fact that even the most vibrantly successful people deal with challenges, troubles, and setbacks only the difference between those individuals who soldier on until they achieve their goals and those who give up is the determination.

The goal is not to change who you are but to become more of who you are at your best while facing adversities and life challenges!

Remember a bad day is simply a test of your patience and commitment as long as you stay dedicated to the task at hand, you’ll shake off negative feelings and get the job done even when things conspire against you.

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Inderjit Kaur


Be like an oak!

One of the best tool to truly achieve what you dream about is one must be self-reliant. Being so is not the self-sufficiency of conceit, rather it a dare to stand alone. Be like an oak, vast, strong and firm, not like a vine which clings to get support.


Perhaps be ready to give support, be ready to help others as far as possible, but do not crave it.
Develop your true self-reliance, by looking with a different perspective on life, that it is a battle one must fight.

Be your own soldier, there can be no substitute for you or never be placed on the retired list unless we fight our own struggle with strong will.

Remember one gets only retired by death until heart beats we have hope to do our best.
The world is busy with its own, sorrows and joys, and pays no heed to whatsoever one is going through. There is but one great key to unlock success and that is self-reliance, self-believe and being a warrior of life, battling with balance set of thinking and rising from defeats and get re-established again!
Many of us are gifted with rare mental strength, and unmatched potential to face every odd but fail merely in life because the only one element that’s missing is self-reliance. Once this incredible power of self-reliance is attained it would unite all the energies and  help us to focus into strength and power.

People who are not self-reliant are weak and often hesitate to take firm decisions when opportunity strike.

They fear to take a decisive step, because they dread failure, often we find them waiting for some one to advise. Barely been into balanced mindset they dare not act in accordance with thier own best judgment fearing it won’t sustain.

 They start looking for excuses to cover the fears and draw the conclusion that all the attempts were unsuccessful due to others and at the same time they feel not appreciated and not recognized. They acquire a false believe that in some subtle way as if whole world is conspiring against them. 

Whereas on the other side one who is self-reliant seeks a way to discover and conquer the strongest fears and weakness within them that keeps them from the attainment of what they are looking for.
They would inculcate the power within to battle against all the transmuting barriers. 

They understand that all the greatest men in history, in each phase of life’s circumstances have been those who had to fight against all the odds on thier way to greatness.

Defeat for them is not more than as if passing through a tunnel is to a traveler. They are aware that they must emerge again into the sunlight retrieved from a back fall with enhanced motivation and strong determination.
There is no expiry date for our dreams and we can if we have strong determination to do so.

Remember honest and true work, along with constant and sincere purposes and efforts never really fails.
Though one may get tired trying hard to get success and may attempt to give up but it should be understood that though last attempt seemed to be a wasted effort, it will prove to us a new set of thinking and learning how to walk amidst the chaos. 

Failures will prove to us the inspiration of possible successes that are yet to be explored.
No matter what statistics of failure describe to one and half-blind world of critics may be fiercely invading our peace of mind and we may feel that everything is over, but never underestimate the power of self-believe and willpower.

Failures need not dishearten us, they should prove sources of new strength. Observe the nature, it has tremendous ways to unfold the keywords that one may get inspired.
The rocky way may prove to be safe though long than the slippery path of smoothness that may be short.
Birds fly best with the wind against it. Ships do not progress when on shore they are supposed to sail, unless they sail they won’t move ahead. 

Giving up is a temporary emotional barrier and looks far more easy way but that’s not the only solution.
Stay Motivated Stay Inspired!

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Why Content marketing?

​Is content marketing simply telling stories?

My answer – “No“.

It’s making extreme impact of your brand converging your focus on audience needs creating a bond.

Why Content Marketing Is Important?

Content marketing is important yes cause there is an huge amount of free stuff out there. Everyone from big retailers to small e-commerce marketers or e-shops that are in trend nowadays have always to offers something for free to get people in the door. As an online marketer, for your books or other products as well. We feel the urge to follow the same pattern, but selling something free isn’t that important unless your brand story impact on your audience building a trust that they’re engaged to buy the product even if something is not offered free. That’s what content marketing would help.

The goal of content marketing is to build a relationship bond  with your targeted audiences. It’s important because it’s through this incredible relationship that your audiences sees you as an authority and trusts you, and this is what leads to boost sales in the long run as well as you’re successful in branding a name and trust factor that’s the core practice if you are into online visibility of your products or work or Author looking for sales of your books.

Content marketing best falls if we concentrate on the need of our audience creating effective impact how? 

Narrow your focus give your audience content that focuses on what they’re looking for that’s the key of impacting targeted audience.

There is a huge content available online free,  but you’ll get more readers or audience who may show interest in your work/products if you offer something specific and unique.

Don’t just promote without relevant content. The core purpose of your content is to engage and attract the audience impacting your brand, not to promote yourself. Effectively listen to your audience and create the buzz building your dreams block by block towards success.

Inderjit Kaur

A Living Series Promotion

Transitions and beyond


 Comprises of 3 Modules to be in brief 

Modulee 1 The change;

Module 2 The Interventions;

Module 3 The Renewal;

Transitions and Beyond would explain the interventions when adversities strike as they come to reinvent the missing links and describe the core meaning to this life. Transitions and Beyond would act as a tool not a turmoil.

It would help to grow. Transitions and Beyond would certainly establish key takeaways with a new set of thinking, a clarity shaped into perfect mindset that knows to balance between let go and move on. 

Transitions and Beyond would help us to recalibrate our focus to align with our long-term objectives and goals thus making problems much easier to deal with, restoring confidence back to life. It would help us to renew, reform disordered life and live life in wholeness. It would cut back all the stagnation and break all the old patterns, making us as a true adventurer, who would now see life’s miniscule complications as challenges. 

 Transitions are the phase that would help one to grow through the adversities, transforming the individual who would love challenges and convert them into opportunities for a magnificent tomorrow. We every so often get mixed-up with the word transitions, that summits to an ingenious thought that it is a substitute word for change. Nevertheless, it isn’t!

Transitions are more related to psychological parameters and change deals with situational parameters. But I count both equally important to optimize and to manifest a simple tool of transformation into the realm of personal developments to achieve balance in every core area of life.

This is a starting point to unleash us from the marooned and depressed life. Transitions thus brings us to believe in the life, defining path that would lead us to reveal who we are and who we are meant to be.

Perfections are like black & white photograph while  imperfections are like a plethora of different colours splattered  on a blank canvas 

Transitions and Beyond

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Book launch: The Caging At Deadwater Manor : by – Author Sandie Will

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The Caging at Deadwater Manor

It’s about a young woman named Jeannie who finds herself held against her will by staff at Deadwater Manor – a psychiatric hospital with an unscrupulous past. Inspired by true events, this is a captivating story where Jeannie shares her heart-wrenching experience while getting treatments that will make you cringe.

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About the Author 

 Sandie Will is a young adult novelist who lives in Tampa Bay, Florida and works as a manager and geologist by day. She has written two novels and is currently working on her third. Her first novel, The Caging at Deadwater Manor, is a young adult psychological thriller that will be released on March 31, 2017.


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Manifesting success 💠

​Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times while working on his light bulb project.

Imagine if he had quitted nobody would have witnessed the innovations & light and probably nobody would have remembered him either.

With continued failures we find quitting the best solution but remember the only key is perseverance!

We need to establish the connection between failures and successes with a changed perception of positive motivation.

A setback can be turned into a driving force all matters is positive direction and attitude that we learn from our failures and tag it as experiences. This optimistic approach is called failing forward in progress to strive for excellence!

Stay away from negative assumptions and influence as they deplete your energy and shake your confidence. Lack of focus, vision, having zero purposes and low self-esteem are key obstacles to make our goals unachievable.

We might miss to achieve excellence if we progress with lack of vision and purposes.

We have to live in the moment making a habit of doing it now, instead of making excuses to manifest the glory of success.

Success begins with a START! 

Success is overcoming failures!

Marking success as an ongoing process would determine the quality of your journey!

Keep smiling keep shining!

Inderjit Kaur

What is Social media Influence? And what is the crux of the Content Marketing? Why is it important?

What is Social media Influence?

And what is the crux of the Content Marketing? Why is it important?

Social media influence is widely defined as your online presence and your influence on other people using the marketing platforms. It is a marketing tool used by people, company or organisation to access their brand value and is used to further expansion to the potential market which may be limited.

The most relevant factor that plays a important role is your profile on Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, YouTube, Instagram Pinterest, Tumblr, Ideapod.

Content Marketing is engaging with other people telling your stories about your book/product creating a brand name or logo using eye-catching headliners or article in minimal content for attractive and engaging relationship with your audience in respective fields.

ImportanceWell, we need to understand that there is a lot of free services and stuff available online nowadays. We need to identify the crux and reach out to the right audience so they are aware about your work and your product. The goal of SM and content marketing is building trust no more beating around the bush. Just pure customer service and support no matter how small is your business or your work and now the audience trust you and that is essential to further increase in sales in long term.

Not just shares likes but actual engagement and support using online marketing tools using keywords so that your work is taken in front of right audience.

The idea is to get people engaged, and  interested in what you are offering using creative content & tailored approach, by choosing the most relevant influencers to target the marketing to get the best quality results.

Paid campaigns can perform better! 

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I see people are convinced with the fact that if you’re able to saturate SM with your brand that’s a success story for them but even if likes and retweets do not impact all would be seem to be all waste!

The key is targeting the correct audiences and making an impact of your work/product.

Decide now what you want to accomplish? Is it awareness or sales? 

Optimize your work using eye-catching headliners and marketing ads using templates, banners, flyers, ecards, Posters, Timeline or profile page.

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A Living Series Author Promotions Services to boost your Social media presence and marketing your work by incorporating the keywords to improve your presence and helping identify goals, using creative content enhanced to support and promote you on social media using online marketing tools.

A living Series Author Promotion service is committed to give you results and support using tailored approach, by using the most relevant content to targetted audience

Get your work/product/message to exactly the people who need to see it

A living Series Author Promotion help you identify realistic online goals by understanding your purposes.

“Not only this but auditing your current content and redeveloping it to achieve the desired results.”

“Once the audit and content is developed it is promoted to targetted audiences.”

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Inderjit Kaur