●3S’ of Serene Life●

~Seek Silence in Stillness~



We continue to be living in this life without tasting the nectar of truth.we are just slaves to our impulses driving the vehicle of our body soul mind in different directions unknowingly redeeming only unhappiness in our life and keep deprieved ourselves of being in this serene life in true sense and ignoring the fact of purposeful living.
We are missing the key to the inner enlightenment in true phase we keep on wasting our time tremendous amount of energy in just existing in life.

Do we seek any transformations for better and improvised living.
No , we hardly care .
Apparently we  are just like seawater struggling against a very big rocky shore and waiting for the tides to take it in any direction.
As we try to seek and try to self analyse the core cause of our delays in life or even failures associated we can indeed find the very important segment that was missing.
Self analysis direct us to , restrain many unwanted negativities , bonded deeply in our minds . Rather I elaborate  this more specifically as we seeded the negativity for years and allowed it to spread,  making us introvert . Making us slaves to our impulses , making us reactive in uncertainties , leading only failures and unhappiness.
Now once we know our flaws, we should willingly accept and try to rectify as soon as possible.
We need to develope a deep sense of safe guarding our negative thoughts. We can develope now the ability to discard an unwanted and a nagging thought , as soon as it popped up in our mind.

Instead of becoming slaves to our habits we can now be master of our own thoughts driving the vehicle of our mind, soul , and body to move very much from inside , by being more calm , by seeding  more patience , and by seeking the true meaning of being in this Life.

The palette is given to you


Now making a choice of colours filled in serenity is your choice.

Acquiring the necessary skills like that of being more in calmness rather than reacting to your surroundings.
Also by continuous fostering positive thoughts now makes an incredible change.
Seeking peace , seeking innergrowth , seeking contentment all flights into designed paths now.
Cultivating willpower more in abundance by continuing to work against  the negative impacts and erasing the unwanted weak thoughts , now we can focus on more positive approach , focus on positive probabilities resulting in prosperity and delighted atmosphere around you.


Make better choices of serenity by  implementing great colours of being grateful , being calm , being a good listener , more patient, being kind , and also eradicating the habit of being in worries always.
Yes now you have the palette , you have the colors,  make an incremental improvements producing lasting results of living this life in magnificence in radiance more in glory.
Encouraged attitudes towards making more of your willpower strong everyday is like placing brick over a brick while making a room for living in peace.
Once your willpower is enhanced it escalates all your energy  to act always in Courage.
More of confidence is rooted now.
You make your life more serene more meaningful,  the process of life becomes more adaptable.
Always remember there is tremendous amount of power in Stillness , in being calm, in being in patience, in silence, and that you accumulate all the serenity required to be in this life. Now this makes you able to cleanse your thoughts  and you are now accredited to be the master of your own DESTINY….

Stillness is acting like a catalyst  and connects you to sources of wisdom in every little thing around you.
Silence embossed with stillness brings a radiant opportunity to live in more joyfulness enchantment towards  more  of happiness that  now shines on our soul and our body too.
We start loving this life  , we start seeking beauty in every little thing, we start being in gratitude, enhancing the quality of our life
And believe in the process of life thus living a more meaningful life.
Keep Smiling
Keep Shining
For life is Awesome☆☆☆


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