Everything is glorified with  God’s fingerprints ■

Our Life ,our mind ,our soul ,our body are like a beautiful garden . Symbolizing harmonious glorification encrusted with joy peace and happiness.
Many of us don’t take enough responsibility to take care of this magnificent event called Life.
Perhaps we do toxify with selfcreated anxieties and worries.
Nurturing it more everyday in fears of darkness ,  embarking an stigma by injuring our own souls. Unknowingly doing injustice with the natural flow of life and thus
the process of life is relatively deteriorated in unending pains and agonies.
The only contenment that we find is , when we desire to seek peace within ourselves  , when we seek calmness , even when everything around us is in turbulence but we at centre are at peace.

When we are transformed while being at peace,  our self priorities and our innerself are all in contentment and this change is perhaphs perennial.

We trade our life in collecting achievements , endorsing it as the only accomplishment. But this all are indeed emphasised as almost external rewards that we get by investing our precious life.
We continue searching our goals , getting promotions , earning a lot of money,  getting praises ,getting recognised , but perhaps ,these are all temporary.

The only contenment that we find is the peace of innerself. Where we learn to stay at centre at peace redeeming innergrowth gaining more of courage and confidence by inducing the art of being in patience .
Not necessarily in proper format but things do change drastically. We unnecessarily toxify our souls by being stressed by being in depressions  and sweating for small stuffs.
We got to shed shackles of reasons and start believing that everything that happens is for a lesson behind and that everything has God’s fingerprints embarked.
Every event has a lesson every setback has stored some improvements.
We have the potentials to search the radiance of lasting happiness.
We can cultivate the enlightenment , by seeking inner fulfillment  and inner peace in alliances to contentment.
Once we accomplish this , we see life at it’s beauty more synchronised in a parabolic phase.
We see everything around us more glittering in beauty.
We see everything around us more glorified.
We start loving this life.
We see beauty in sunrise , we see beauty in snow capped mountain.
We see beauty in every smile.
We feel at peace from within
More glorified , more filled in contentment. We start celebrating the event called Life.
Now we can see the differences between the positivities and negativities. We are able to seperate the lines  and we come to conclusions that negativity actually does not exist and that we choose it  during our failures and hardships also nurture it and make it grow.
Perhaps the time could have been utilised with more positive enthusiasm.
Thus pertaining to get the desired results.
Once we see that everything has God’s fingerprints on it . Everytime we can learn something and move forward instead of standing in same place and getting stagnant.
Struggling in negativities we are actually webbing rust around our innerself and are restraining the growth of life and happiness in parallel.
We can eventually safe guard our garden by restricting these negative thoughts and fears to enter our minds and prohibit the negativity from growing .
Making our soul , our mind , our life more peaceful more contented , more flowing in oceans of love and happiness.
Thus we start growing from innerself , seeking truth of life and start seeking happiness and peace by redeeming more of being in patience and start living a more meaningful life.


☆ Keep Smiling
☆Keep Shining
☆ For life is Awesome……



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