~Life ~An Event

Life uncovers unexplained events sometimes.
We often accept the terms of life without trying to make any changes we are just like a calm still pond water without a flow.
What does now happen.
Our inner being gets stagnant without any life.
We encrust a layer of rust.
Though we try to seek world out but inner being still not in peace nor in pace dressed in enthusiasm.
Many questions still remained to be explored , explained.
Experiences of life reveals great lessons explaining every tiny resources of how, when ,why,  did those things happened.
For every thing , every happening is but for a reason associated .
We got to be in acceptance , while still some strange reasons may be unsettled in accordance to the circumstantial challenges.
We got to still find the very purpose  being in the odysseys to the truth of life , what is the simplest way to get the desired dream getting fulfilled by being closely seeking our inner instincts.
We got to shed shackles of unreasoning thoughts and place a tremendous amount of trust in our intuitions.
When we release all our uncertainties , all our unnecessarily coupled negativity , we are able to explore more of our inner centered , self being which craves to be but living in balance in retrospective of mind body soul.
Revealed with great Emotions we sometimes seek all the next preferred illusions outside our innerself.
Since we are streaming in inner turmoil exploited in deep pains , we ignore seeking self peace.
We start destructions of our own mind body soul in convictions which are all temporary passing , false subscription of emotions.
We got to reinvent ourself again.



Encountered events that we face in form of challenges , in form of our problems,  in form of our struggles, are to be geared up, and  looked upon as lessons.
Every event that happens, every thing that happens is for a lesson. Every setback engraves a lesson.
We got to realize, we got to define the very purpose of our failures. Whether the failures were professional or subjected into emotional traumas,  or the failures were settled in financial loses all failures are essential. They infact subjected us to explore more of ourself , our potentials , our inner abilities. It redefined us in
expansion to our inner limitations which could never be explored otherwise.
It is only the failures that define you inculcating the desires of great interest in seeking those golden keys of inner fulfillment everlasting happiness  and the urge for radiant health .
There is a tremondous variations in being well and being well off , for sake of living we pretend ourselves as we’re happy.
We unknowingly adapt unhappiness in a form of happiness , which when lost breaks us in turmoil, in crisis  of pain.
Once we define our self priorities, we can cater this temporary breakdowns and seek  selflessness in being contented,
at peace in center, and also surging everything around us profoundly influenced by positivity. we can start cultivating deep sense  of inner peace seeking fascinating serenity with odysseys of our life.
We redirect our paths of being in peace , being in harmony , being in serenity of life thus growing more energetic living more joyfully in spontaneity to the beauty of life.

~Improve~Live Life☆

When we seek we get the desired  remedies coupled with sharp wisdom , now we can integrate our instincts ,redirecting-ourselves.
Reinventing our decision making process towards enlightenment into new horizon of serenity in colored  radiating   more glorified destiny .
We keep on trading our whole life in accumulation of materialistic fulfillment .All the potentials all the energy keeps fleeing off in unnecessary illusions that we seek outside.
Once we start venturing out of our cocooned and self constructed limitations , we find inner peace. We feel self liberated from all stress and strains from the odysseys of life. Constantly caring ourself,  caring our thought process , caring our body, we feel personified from within as if the inner compass nudges us and  redirects us peacefully to our destination. Personal awakening  and enlightenment from within is the actual zenith of success. Being success out side is Meaningless if we are not successful from within.
If we cannot care for ourself how we can care for someone else.
Ultimately the destiny unfolds about what we choosed in  our living.
We can choose to care ourself, and take our own responsibility of being able to stand back learning from our trials and all our limitations .We can rise now from all that is Weighing us down.
Embracing the life in convictions, inculcating deep trust  in life we can now effectively improve our living , impacting our surrounding as well.
We can now thus
Seek~Define~Redirect~Explore ~Trust~Live more  Enlightened odysseys of life
and not mere displaying the temporarily achieved happiness endorsing  it as peaceful living.

So now make a choice
~ Life a odysseys of happiness or panoply…..




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