As I begin to write it’s exactly 4.30 in the morning, my favourite time of the day. I still have an hour more to fix in my routine chaos of work.
It’s absolutely silent outside and I’m complete solitude.
There’s something rejuvenating and peaceful about being alone and having some time to reflect, work or simply enjoy the silence.
More recently I’ve learned to live in more in present moments. To be privileged to be in this serene life is like living your entire life in one moment. More precisely I would emphasise the  largely exercised so called living as just existing. Peace of mind is like when we are able to live in the present moment more focused more in enthusiasm.
Irrespective of what happened yesterday or what may happen in future-the present moment is all where we’re always staying .

Sensing fascinations and eagerness life is actually being mastered  and spend without a doubt more in worries deeply in the things that may never happen.
We ourselves allow our past problems and future concerns to dominate  our present moments so much that we end up in frustration, depression and find ourselves vulnerable until we start losing hopes. On the other hand we also postpone our gratification our priorities and our happiness often convincing ourselves that
‘Someday ‘  -will be better than today. Unfortunately we recommend ourselves to letgo the present moment without living in it.
`Life is what is happening now`
While we are busy making other plans we forget to see people around us those who love  us are moving away ; our lives getting shorter , our bodies getting physically mentally spiritually tired .
Our dreams slipping away every second slips away without being lived in. Yes we indeed miss out on life as it was always there for us very much for us.
Many people live as if  were in dress rehearsal for some later date.
It isn’t.
In fact life is treating us in love we got to live in life is still in us.
Now is the only time we have with us the present moment.
Fear for tomorrow is only a concern in our minds for the events that may or may not necessarily happen.
So bring your attention back in to the present moment and live a better life in enthusiasm and happiness.
Continuously direct your mind to live in present you will always have boundless energy and you will start to live in enthusiasm. .

Keep Smiling
Keep Shining
Keep Living
For life is Awesome.



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