~~ Lessons learned. ..

Every event that appears more in turbulence more tragically impregnated to one might reveal as spark of unlimited opportunities to an opportunistic.

That’s the definition of perception.
Life reverberate subtle reminders in form of events that we come across many as challenges as problems as hardships .

It’s we who got to adapt a positive paradigm by just erasing the habits of being worried about things that might never happen
We got to sublimate into pure possible affirmative schemas a brief description of what you think about life instead of being sceptical at times of transitions.

We got to consistently redirect our minds to live in present you inculcate boundless energies clubbing together enthusiasm and courage to deal what so ever life portray for you more flamboyantly.
Some of the lesson make us learn who we are while some lessons tell us what we should be leaving behind transformation infusions of self realisations rewinding your path in much more observations leading to purpose of living simultaneously surging virtues of enlightenment enriching your inner compass into more meaningful conception of life.

Sometimes it is the opposite there
will be struggle, there will be bad days which would never seem to end. Days which would go on and on, which would keep hurting us till the end.
But being calm being in patience delivers the exquisite wonders in simplest things with all the ecstasy you deserve.

Many of us are desperate as mind gets flooded with millions of negatively charged thoughts at tough times during hardship actually most would give up but the people who wont will be the ones to face the brighter side of the day.
Instead of fretting over most of the time in complaints or past events they utilise every present moment seeking different apertures opening  thus widening their own paths  just like studded into millions of sparkling diamonds  making this lessons as miraculous sights leading them to self analysis self approvals self reminders self leaders of their own destiny master craftsmen of their own path.

Remember always that though
The night is darkest before dawn but how can we forget the rainbow after the rains…
and we must learn to accept it.
We must come in terms with the fact that no matter how hard we try to fit in this imperfect world, it will never acknowledge us for who we are.
We need to strive hard to fit in the frame with all our self determination self believes courage and enthusiasm.

Life lessons  transform your life magnificently setting you to obtain more defined objectives initiating self responsibility at every next level preparing you more willingly accepting the unpredictable challenges of life more efficiently.
As everyone wants to be happy in the end of day….

Just enforce steel of discipline forge a strong self believe and start scaling the success of a very peaceful and beautiful life.
Keep Smiling
Keep Shining
Keep Living. ..
For Life is Awesome. ..


Be positive
Be happy…


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