Living in God’s timing is the only truth that connects us to Him.
I did observed through many odds in life when circumstances were inevitable hardships not diluting instead I used to think life is worsening. The immediate dilemma was “don’t know what to do”..After great deliberation I finally arrived to the quietness of my innerself which reflected and continued in conviction that being in God’s grace can settle all that’s like a whirlpool.
Faintly gazing my childhood days I retrieve those afternoons during summer vacations away from school away from books engaged in playing with broken colorful glass bangles. Still charged up with those blissful serene days where only meaning quality times were spent playing amidst mango guava trees.
Collecting broken pieces of bangles and would try to rearrange them paste each broken piece on to white cardboard giving it a new floral pattern.
Recollecting it today I really can understand God’s true Grace in What so ever matters which made me shatter in pieces I did felt broken but God’s grace His faith kept me Going.
I knew he would arrange all the broken pieces placing into new place giving it a new form better than the original.
Sometimes things keep
Delaying this makes us
Vulnerable we feel unprotected.
It’s God’s interventions
to protect us from
dangers we don’t see.
Just understand and trust God.
But there’s a difference.
To trust To understand. .
When we trust God we willingly accept all that is foreplayed forward in our lives.
When we understand we clearly perceive his will his wisdom take pleasure pain equally important.
We connect him close
He is the serenity weaver of our Life…
People often blame others for their failures or delays and if some things not working in their lives. They never bring their own efforts their own shadows which drag them into light of awareness light of consciousness. When they accept the truth when they change the perception things starts to change they grow in and out step towards better living with clear concise adding meaning to their lives.

Keep Smiling
Keep Shining….


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