You know you’ve made right decisions when there’s peace and calmness in your life.
Sometimes life is too hard too loud to hear inner voices.
Be quiet inner voice has all the answers.

When you’re immune to negative people people who drain your energy you choose to save your important positive energy for yourself.

Communications should be as clear as possible to avoid misunderstanding and drama’s which are too energy drainers.

Recognise people things place causes that irritated caused negatives drained your positive self keep distance draw lines set priorities.

Some times Seek and understand the opinions expressed in the communication don’t command or demean others.

Sometimes to be calm is best thing to do about in difficult situations and unavoidable circumstances.
Try to accept if you can
Once accepted the fact
many people who can’t handle work stress, or be a troubled circumstances or single parent, job loss and do whatever
else is needed, instead of fretting over past start making small changes required.

Spent more time taking care of yourself start with a meditation
Meeting people Find ways to calm anxiety and ride the wave of depression, know that it
eventually will pass.

When life changes, it becomes necessary to become more aware that there are always many
choices options different wayz
They might not be much choices the way we want, but there are always choices.

Open your mind, start thinking positive results now matter how tiny look around, and you’ll find many more of options .

Being pessimistic is one of the best choices than the obvious being in depression just look what is life projecingin front of you.
Accept and face still whole life is treating you well.

# Precious Self
Elements of Life


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