#Reconnect myself

Quit the habit of the word I’ll try
Replace it with the new word
I Can. I’ll try means I feel compelled to do and don’t want to do it.
A try is nothing more than that.
Start saving Yes for any help if offered rather than No thanks.
Erase all the coulds : shoulds :
these are Stressed statements…
Say I am … I will… I can…

Advisement. …

#Never select options like I may fail instead affirm it as I may learn something new add in my book of experience.

# Don’t underestimate yourself
Be confident speak clear distinctly.

#Find new ways and opportunities even in disappointment.

#Remain firm fight don’t give up
Just seed some courage to walk confidently into the direction of your dreams.

#Enveloped in hard times don’t worry ask yourself what would you achieve being Worried.

#Write down your problems try to sort out priorities
Channeling best solutions.

#Feel more optimistic share your thoughts recognise pessimism is just a fear.

#Distract yourself from destructive thoughts immediately.

#Challenge disputive thoughts alternative remedies with positive outcomes. 

# Recognise Reconnect all the broken strings increasing your self esteem

# Believe in the purity in purpose
Struggling times just need courage the moment you decide from the deepest core of your being you will change and raise in your life.

# diligently apply the strategies you will amazed to see you are beginning to scale new heights of your own potentials.

# dedicate yourself to transform your inner self more in patience
Culture your discipline into whatsoever you’re pursuing.

#on achieving small victories double your willpower.

One of the best way to reconnect with yourself is through meditation. Practice to close your eyes for five minutes focusing on your breath,gazing your inner compass more in clarity being in peace this initiates practice of being in patience too the key to most of the trouble making issues in today’s stressful life.
Keep Smiling🌝
Keep Shining⭐



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