Yes, I can ~ Accept Imperfections.

It’s human tendency to fit into life, even if it’s like the proverbial round peg in a square hole.
 We keep worrying so much about what people will think or hoping that we will be liked, having no real of our own self. The most important key is that no matter how much we always seek perfection around it comes only in the time we get only how much we can handle .

The most sufferings are prefixed to what we see things should be and how the things are been there precisely the difference is only in imagination and perception. All cannot be perfect. Accept as it is and work hard to suit you the best,
From friends to co-workers, to dates or relationships, people always trying to please everyone else, but do not give a thought to the self.

Words of advice….🌷

Accept imperfect things and situations. Work on it to make it perfect.

Expecting perfection from others is an act of arrogance.

If you are expecting perfection from others, you are indirectly trying to change them for yourself and trying to fit them in your frame.

Say yes to all the imperfections around you.

Don’t relive the disappointment every time you don’t get results – just give everyone fair chance.

Try to understand others and try to understand their circumstances, their life’s ups downs… there can be many factors that explain the imperfections.

Like you accept beautiful fairy tales, try to accept all, everything, everyone as they are, where they are.

Acknowledge the levels of the efforts they make, to make things work. Trust that however hard it is being surrounded by imperfections, it is best to keep walking in the darkness until light appears.

One of the best successful positive element is that your thoughts make your world so do feed good ones.

Elements of Life. …..



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