Life shrinks or expands depending on the proportions of our courage

If you find yourself surrounded in darkness , just retrive a little strength and bring in a thought that this situation is just like a caterpillar waiting in dark for it’s colorful vibrant wings to grow.
Waiting inbuilds you more in positivity , gaining you inner strength , encouraging you the most excellent perceptions of life and that is being in patience.
Confidence propelled in layers of ambitions helps in remarkable transitions .
It’s just the act of courage and confidence now that makes the roots of Prosperity go deeper and make you stand in encouraged affirmations also making you stand , amidst of storms in dedications.
Confidence makes you believe in the process now.

Life is a gift . . . . live it
Start your morning with a heart filled with gratitude towards god for giving you one another day to live in.

This day is been gifted to you to explore more of your potentials to search for more opportunities . . . life is indeed very precious we can’t afford to waste it. This life has more to say more to express try to understand the innocence of others. Be polite, be a good listener and see the magic of what you say what you hear and what you got to understand. Just be yourself and do all that is good and see the almighty blessing you as never before he knows all your pain he knows how much you can bear . . . that’s life we got to live with it be thankful to god if we start disliking this life god also starts testing us more harder . . . if we are happy with whatever is stored for us we get unbelievable amount of just happiness.
In your darkest hour, never worry that there’s no hope for the future. You’re the author of your destiny, you get to decide the next chap…

Try to be cheerful often start getting to know yourself more and understand others more. When we know ourselves more we know where to start where we are comfortable and where we can’t hold ourselves we can take proper precautions well in hand before. We are well prepared for all the surprises as we are more in good knowledge and more in wisdom we get to understand the circumstances better . . . we are able to judge seeking solutions in a  better way.
Make a place for yourself also give others the place they deserve we need to respect in the lines where we are act more humanly  .  .  . we need to really know the power of being humble. do most which makes you happy when we are happy from inside we live the life and make our surrounding a better place.
Do not ignore your health keep track of your eating habits. drink lots of water practice deep breathing practice meditation this all de toxifies your entire body and you emerge out as pure soul who knows to be humble who knows how to live a soul who knows the actual purpose of being here . . . why we are in human race this is very important aspect to be understood we could have been anything from a fish a bird or even an animal but god chosen us to give this life isn’t it more than enough to love this life as a gift and acknowledge this being thankful for all.
Music adds healing in life processes.  Listening to music evokes our soul makes our heart mind soul filled with wonderful feelings rejuvenating deeply.
It rekindles old memories and provides a connection to untold
happiness. Music soothes our soul and our body with its mesmeric glory. It not only helps to heal
the wounded heart but also helps to express even the deepest emotions. Music energizes our
inner being it elevates and uplifts our consciousness.
Music makes our lives more meaningful and complete.
It stimulates all our nerve cells .

“One good thing about music, when it hits
you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley..


Get yourself more organized read good books stay away from all those things that make you unhappy or that serve no reason to be in you r life. Life means to move on constantly growing each day with your wisdom acquiring all good thoughts and spreading love, making this world a better place.


Keep Smiling
Keep Shining
Keep Living
For Life Is Awesome☆☆


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