Grateful to you
My friend Christoph fischer
for your encouraging words…


“Inderjit Kaur is a remarkable person. If you know anything about her personal life and journey you’ll be as amazed as I am about her positive attitude and her inspirational writing. Her first book ‘Living a More Meaningful Life’ astonished me with its simple and enlightening snippets of wisdom.
She has done it again with this gem and I am delighted and honoured to introduce you to yet another wonderful book by this gifted author. Her messages speak to me and should do to everyone: “Say Yes to Life!”, “Say Yes I Can!” and “Shine!” – commands we all have heard, we all know are important for our happiness and still, we so often forget about them, causing our own misery. What I love about this book in particular is the inclusion of the four elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Using them and the associated analogies goes back to Ancient Astrology and they have filled human imagination from the beginning of speech. They all have their unique powers and strengths – they connect us to Nature and to a simpler way of living and thinking. Included in this book are also more Pearls of Wisdom and a Journal Part. I invite you to enjoy the gift that is Inderjit Kaur and the gift that is her body of work”.

Christoph Fischer-

Author of the historical ‘Three Nations Trilogy’, comprising of ‘The Luck oftheWeissensteiners’Slovakia,WW2),‘Sebastian’ (Vienna,WW1)and‘TheBlackEagleInn’(Germany, post WW2). Also author of ‘Time to Let Go’, a contemporary family drama about Alzheimers’ Disease, and ‘Conditions’, a contemporary family drama about mental health and friendship.

– Christoph Fischer


Keep Smiling
Keep Shining
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