***It is my distinct pleasure to present the following review***
Review of Elements of Life by Author Tom Ufert
***** 5 STARS – “Enlightening, Inspirational and Purposefully Self-Fulfilling”

As an inspirational writer myself, I found Kaur Inderjit’s Elements of Life uniquely uplifting. Her in depth approach to addressing universal dilemmas of the soul and human condition struck a chord with my personal perspective on trials and tribulations. From the outset, this book takes a singularly creative approach linking human decision making with the basic elements of nature…air, fire, water and earth. This symbolist style evokes meaningful philosophical similarities to that of native American Indian culture and Japanese Shintoism that greatly valued man’s intrinsic connectivity to the natural world around him. Throughout Inderjit’s work she interweaves this all too often forgotten positive influence that our symbiotic relationship with nature can have on living more wholesome and meaningful lives. I suppose that as a native Indian from Mumbai one should not be overly surprised by this obviously culturally influenced perspective, yet nonetheless in today’s fast paced world it is a refreshing approach. I am most impressed with Inderjit’s ability to truly touch the troubled soul on its quest for inner peace and the journey to live a purposeful life.

As a past and obviously successful writer for Partridge Penguin Random House, one quickly recognizes this author’s literary talent. Elements of Life is carefully constructed in a comprehensive outline that easily conveys philosophical and sociological elements essential to a self-help approach for coping with life’s common adversities. Underlying her empathetic tone, Kaur Inderjit’s essential advice is that our lives are a collective result of choices and therefore requires an acceptance of personal responsibility. I was impressed by this author’s use of self-reflective techniques as the primary tools to overcome the past, live in the moment and move confidently into a future filled with strength and contentment. In essence her gift sublimely suggests that she is so adept on this subject because of her own past life experiences and is therefore a credible resource worthy of consideration.

We all face life based on our own experiences and each must find the tract that best suits our uniquely individualized perspective. However, as Elements of Life advises, an incremental evaluation and constructive gathering of strength through courage focuses the human spirit on a Carpe diem approach to life and it’s never ending struggles. I highly recommend this outstanding self-help literary work of inspirational and enlightening philosophy. In my humble opinion this book is definitely worthy of a 5 Star review and can only be referred to as a deeply moving addition in one’s noteworthy library of talented authors.
Elements of Life can be found at the following links…
http://bit.ly/1wEVZTe http://bit.ly/13E0UIs http://ow.ly/GytHbhttp://ow.ly/GytUj

(Author Tom Ufert is an Amazon Best Selling Author with several print, digital and audio books in the non-fiction genre. His Top Selling and 5 Starred Reviewed books include Adversity Builds Character 1st & 2nd Editions [http://amzn.to/1kuweLA] & [http://amzn.to/1jeQE0n], Political Craps [http://amzn.to/1xSlCQx] and On The Roll Again [http://amzn.to/1Abt1tU])


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