Review for ~ Adversity builds character (Tom Ufert)
 “Incredibly inspiring treasure guide towards enlightenment.”

Death is not the greatest loss in life, the greatest loss is what dies within us while we live – Norman cousins.

Adversity builds character is yet another inspirational light and a pearl of wisdom crafted elegantly by the author Tom Ufert, where he insights his own personal experiences encapsulated in pyres of sufferings, depressions, trials and tribulations. Tom Ufert reveals his journey unleashing the warrior within him, who lying alone in the hospital room deeply repressed in his past memories and present devastating circumstances regains some strength and makes a life changing epiphany to self, as either to give up and die or fight like hell to rewrite his own destiny and yes, he accomplished his own words with immense trust in the divine interventions. He looks forward in each of his adversities that he faces right from childhood while having George his little pet alligator to the life changing circumstances in rehabilitation hospital.

Tom Ufert has been through a very tough childhood. The entire ordeal, of traumatized curves wrapped in unavoidable circumstances and uncertainties in life at the very early age between 5 to10 years which are indeed the most influential years for a normal growth, reflects the sufferings and trails that he faced coupled with broken family relationships. Seeds of distrust, poor self-esteem were rooted at the early onset of life when he sees his mother Gloria suffering successive failed marriages, and believes divorce uprooted her family, impacting deeply the innocence of Tom Ufert and his sister Caru. It becomes very hard for Gloria to accept and adapt at times which breaks her and she attempts a suicide, while his granny and his godmother Joy Campbell plays a very crucial role by developing a trust and spark of hope in the little inquisitive mind of Tom saying that “everything will be fine.”  Relocations, his sister getting away with her marriage against the family, again impacts the very infusions of depressions and failures. At this time he holds the responsibility as a good son taking care of his bed ridden mother who is now on supported walkers, by not only continuing his studies but also adapting the responsibility of house hold chores right from washing to other important ones. Before the age of eight Tom witnesses two divorces of her mother. At times Joy Campbell bore all the responsibility nurturing Tom all the love and becoming his central figure. Combination of diminished fatherly influences lacked his structured growth. Since the positive assistance from his father remained almost absent which leads him further in his life questing his own identity.

Eventually trapped in clutches of teen culture, alcohols, drugs, sexual desire which forced him into addiction was again a lesson for him. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and spinal injuries which could have been fatal, he experiences divine intervention that drives him to fight back with a strong will to live. This book is a detailed map of author Tom Ufert’s challenger adversities that indeed break him and made him depressed in the most critical times. This book addresses physical and emotional dimensions of positive choices made by the author to stand firm and fight back which is a true inspiration for many other sufferers who really want to quit the addiction. Tom cares enough to highlight the reminder, that we do have immense power to make best choices to fight back adversities and to move on.

Amidst of loneliness, confusions, despairs, stress, Author Tom is able to efficiently colour this path in positive achievements. Helping the world out there, through his selfless services and charity programmes that is indeed appreciated. This book marks the milestone journey remarkably encouraging each one of us to reconnect once again above from our emotional clutter, thus helping you to live whole, happy and contented in this journey of life. This is a warm intense account from the author and is much appreciated by everyone for his honesty to depict his personal trials, that can send an awareness message across and he is indeed successful by being the best author on the chart. He has tirelessly campaigned for numerous AIDS charities and currently lives in Texas. I sincerely recommend this 5 star reviewed book to be read by everyone as a true reflection of hope and a new beginning.

 Adversity builds character 2nd edition can be located at this link. – B0096DIDHY.

(Author Tom Ufert is an Amazon Best Selling Author with several print, digital and audio books in the non-fiction genre. His Top Selling and 5 Starred Reviewed books include Adversity Builds Character 1st & 2nd Editions [] & [], Political Craps [] and On The Roll Again [])


   By ;  Inderjit Kaur

 (Author of  Living Series with two books on global shelves… Living a More Meaningful Life and Elements of Life.)


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