A Guidebook for Living One’s Life
5 January 2015 By THMS
Elements of Life by Inderjit Kaur is a remarkable
guidebook for living one’s like with positivity and
confidence. This book inspires the reader to become
more than he/she ever thought possible through clear and
simple messages taken from the spiritual elements of air,
water, fire, and earth. Within these we are shown how to
adjust, adapt, acquire, and accept our lives within the
bounds of what’s important in life. We are put on the right
path leading directly to a happy and secure lifestyle.
Elements of Life is a must read for people of all ages who
may be struggling with a balanced, positive life. The
reader instinctively understands through the writing that a
true life coach, Inderjit Kaur, has risen personally from a
place of negative experiences to create a positive and
joyous life for herself. She knows how to guide the reader
towards the same destiny of pure happiness which she
has been able to achieve. In the end, Elements of Life is a
testament to courage, to goodness, to strength, and to the
author’s unbreakable spirit.

Elements of life :



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