Bella’s Choice•
by ~Lynelle Clark.
A hugely evocative Love story of a teen Anabella who confronts her emotions seeking  a perfect relationship with a much elderly Aldrich Hagin―a lawyer.
Gripping the dilemma of making a choice; Anabella finds  hard to live an ordinary
life her parents dreamed for her.
However,she grew up embarrassed of her
family and resorted to spending as much time away from her parenrs at her best friend’s home.
  Time changes the page,when Anabella meets Aldrich, a much older man who had gone through his own heartbreak . Struggling between the dreams that filled her life with alluring effects of uncomfortable emotions and the events which break her, she has now to confine her choices between  the two roads and seek peace,staying true to her convictions.
Lynelle skilled in depicting a very graceful Romance that keeps the readers  enchanting  with the best captivating words.
A  compassionate story filled with decisions and emotional grips enthralling readers till the end that they both have to choose amidst the age difference.
And stand against all odds and remain true to their true feelings for each other.

A compelling and A Exciting Page turner that keeps you wondering  about the deep love of Anabella that stands on her Choice.

A well presented and romance filled journey.A very eligently conceived and crafted Romantic tale by  Lynelle  clark Deserving a 5⭐Review.


Bella’s Choice  #ContemporaryRomance

Inderjit Kaur


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