Whenever we are coping with stressful situations like a disappointment of some kind, most of us choose to adversely react in a way that does not serve us.
Then we overreact till we blow things out of proportion. We tend to hold on to the negative impact too closely immobilising the positive attributes.
We are bothered about things which may happen, we get irritated or annoyed easily, and lose the bigger picture.
In short, we live life as if it is the greatest emergency!
We are always in a hurry solving issues, thinking of them as big problems and tend to occupy ourselves unnecessarily in small stuff, compounding them.

In the end, sweating the small stuff makes us lose precious times in our life.
After some time we begin to accept this as everything seems very hard and impossible – we ourselves invite depression.
We fail to recognize that the way we relate to our problems has lot to do with how quickly and how more efficiently we can actually solve them. Learn the habit of discovering the remedies for your problems zone instead of fretting over them again and again.
When you learn to react more efficiently and respond to life with more ease, problems that seemed insurmountable will be more manageable.

An abundance of willpower and discipline are the key ingredients to eliminate most the hurdles of life. No hurdle is too high for us to overcome if we just believe in ourselves first.
Your determination and positive thinking allows you to deal with the events of life more profoundly.
Presumably, there are other ways to relate to unexplained circumstances in life- a much more graceful approach when the path becomes easier to walk. The other way is to replace old habits of unnecessary reactions with all new habits of a change in perspectives. These new habits will help us to redeem more sustainable accreditations of life in true meaning of Living a more meaningful life.

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