My Weekly Walk•
By ~Alan Freedman●
is A Gatepass to the perfect Stillness in the Grandeur of the Universe.

The book Spreads hearfelt messages page by page with radiant uplifting  thoughts, followed by day to day journal. Which in turn makes your Walk in progress helping you to connect the divinely energy. The book further marks Interventions through personal  meanderings and meditations.

The less we crave for negativity, the less we  experience it.This book is written in most compelling way that helps you in reconnection to your inner self through the graceful uplifting thoughts.
Alan encourages the readers to hear the voice of the Divinely presence everywhere and that can be heard only when we are more in patience and in Stillness, And indeed there’s Stillness within us.
Once we find this Stillness we retreat  ourselves with the Divine Grace And are on the Right Walk-
Definition of being Spiritual is just to understand  we are guided,graced and all connected with an invisible energy that helps us to Walk through the trails and tribulations.

“My Weekly walk”-
A must Read  :-
for everyone.
Well presented, pertaining to most of our lives : A unique walk for a perfect
“Awakening & Enlightenment.”
I recommend this divine blissful Walk :- A Must Read for Everyone.

Deserve a 5⭐Review
for the Divine Awakening Walk.

By Inderjit  Kaur,
( Living Series ).


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