Air : Fire : Water : Earth :

Air – adjust
Fire – acquire
Water- adapt
Earth – accept

Life is blend of Trails and errors.

Refocus all the probabilities, and
Face what is to be faced.

Work hard but make it look easy.

A bird must  learn to walk before it flies.

Life is a process that requires time.



If we don’t  change for better,We will be on the edge of extinction.

Keep living authentic,
Adjusting flow of Life.



Being in patience keep flowing like water,Pure Serene, Colourless,Quenching Still not
Losing it’s  identity.

Keep flowing courageously,   Adapting flow of Life.



Light the fire of hopes while you are in dark storms of life.
Being in patience towards your results.

Keep glowing your compassion
Acquiring flow of Life.



The thought of change should be seeded by you.
Be wise to face trails  they change you for your growth.

Keep walking gratefully,
Accepting flow of Life.

Elements of life will assist you clearing your emotional clutter.
It will physically, mentally, and spiritually retrieve,and revive your trust in life.



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