The worst part of Struggling  times is the Time itself.
Here the Complications are we are not sure of ourselves.
We try to finish as much everything soon.
The implications of this results that we just make a progress in millimetres  in multiple  directions.
Recognise :-what is essential.
Eliminate :- that is not required  at all.
Collectively :- work into one direction  for a steady progress.
If at all you find  yourself  surrounded by complexities,just pause for a moment.Ask yourself “is this important thing right now that i could be doing”,if answer is “No”, just stop.
Get out of the place for some time and engage yourself in some activity.
This can be as simple as watching high great blue skies.
Getting yourself, a glass of water. Plug in music for a while.
Pick up some book from the shelf.
The main criteria here is to break the habit of being worried and programming your brain to break the sequences of negative thoughts.
Encourage yourself to design a frictionless Time utilisation with a little of courage.
All that matters is now to work with all the enthusiasm.
This very moment is that matters to be filled in  abundance of enthusiasm.
This very  moment  which will slipoff will never be back.
Make best use of it.
Just be outrageously more energetic,more positive.
Muster yourself in adaptivity of personal evolution, through the failures and setbacks.
Experience the failures through the road towards success gracefully.
Keep Smiling
Keep Shining.



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