I found winter smiling
thus obliged to welcome the spring;
I Witnessed summer shining accepting the silent arrival of Autumn;
I hear Neither a Leaf fell down and  felt like defeated
With the cold stages of winter;
I saw the moments filled
but embedded glittering with
A cycles of change;
which had:
No victories ;No defeats;
A continuous  process in chain.
As the life corners on the way
It’s  just a turn not an end.
Keep the faith glowing in hope.
Every thing that starts has a end.
Every lock has a key.
Every door can be opened.
No storm is forecast for ever.
For life is just a process.
We need to wait patiently
For the reap when we sow
a seed ; We need to care our soul
Dressed under the skin.
Keep believing and walk
For life is treating you well.


24th January2015

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