Author Spotlight:
Inderjit Kaur-
Elements of Life
Inderjit Kaur is an author, inspirational guide with powerful voice of spreading positive quotes through her tweets and
With a life changing epiphany from a poet at the very young age of 9 years, she remarked the page of writing as an editor
of college magazine during her post-graduation in science, Mumbai University.
Writing being a passion made her perceptions changed forever, while being in adversities she launched her debut book “Living a more meaningful life”,which is now on all global platforms.
Considered as an positive and peace messenger through her tag line,” KeepSmiling, Keep Shining”, she has inspired
thousands to make a positive choices that impacts not only their lives but also those
of others through her positive quotes, her blogs and pages of A living series.
Inderjit Kaur a full time Writer, Blogger, Avid Reader with a great passion for Music too, Resides in Mumbai.

Briefly explain about your book.

Elements of life is an imminently
inspirational read, which reflects the life philosophy using Fire,Water,Earth,Air as
metaphor for the progressive positive walk of life and hardships.
The book interweaves positive influences over the
trials and tribulations that we face on our path , focusing on the collective result that is entirely on the choices we
make. Hence the responsibility to make a change lies in us to overcome past, live in now, and move ahead in
confidence and in courage.
The book is categorized mainly into 2
parts for the readers ease, into ‘Study’
and ‘My Journal’.
My journal has 10 simple affirmations for a positive approach in life with simple tools of affirmations in the end.

What do you feel is the USP of your book

I have two unique selling points which
make the book really exclusive for one
to grab a copy, one it has a Positive
approach with motivational chapters
with the key word LIFE, second it
serves as a Self Help and Positive
Living guide for the readers.

Who are your target audience and how
do you feel this book is going make a
change in their lives.

People of all Ages can take the best
advantage of the simple positive key
elements and make a progressive
positive change to overcome the dark
and gloomy outlook into a more radiant
and confident walk of life.

How long have you been working on this

I just thought for the subject and wrote
sparingly but yes, Almost 7 to 8

Could you share some interesting
incidents that you encountered on the
course of building your manuscript.

This book was written amidst of many
adversities and for me,Every day was
an assessment and I just converted my
thoughts into my Goals with a strong
positive outlook and patience. Yes while
uploading my final manuscript I faced
some word format issues and Paul
Hollis, The renowned author of The
Hollow Man, devoted his precious time
in drafting the final manuscript. Grateful

How did you make up your mind for self

I had made up my mind to stop
crawling and take up a straight Walk
and self publishing was one of my
learning experiences. Yes I tried opting
traditional track of publishing waited for
some few months but eventually started
tracking self publishing options and this
is how my debut book was launched
and I opted for more better option when
finally I came crossed Notion Press
which gave wings to my Dreams.

Your views on the publishing process
that you underwent at Notion Press.

My experience with Notion Press makes
me feel more positive as the entire
process was made so easy and was
always offered in step by step guidance
which adds a star to the publication
The entire Team showed immense
timely cooperation, the communication
process was made ease when
sometimes I missed the calls I was
intimated via mails and it kept me feel
pampered throughout the process.
The Quality Control and Professional
approach with Yes ON Time Global
Release Makes Notion Press Shine in
the Row. Post Release guidance
through marketing and social media
setup is the best approached feature
from the house that I do appreciate.

What do you think has been the
advantages working with Notion Press ?

As per my above answer NP Has added
best services and advantage being no
longer I need to seek any other place
for my Global release including best
Royalty Offers. And a Feel Home,
environment as the House successfully
makes me proud to say publish here
sell everywhere.

What is the reach of your book now?

I can see my book on almost all the
major platforms within the country and
globally. So yes my book has reached

What are your marketing strategies?

Reaching out larger circles of readers
yes I indeed take best advantages of
social media. Tweeting about my book,
mentioning the links on face book, fan
pages adding some excerpts on my
Spreading about the in-depth of book
voice via tweets, blogs, G+, good reads,
facebook fan pages getting reviews
from authors are some of the ways I
am opting
Further looking more options for book
promotions via spreading the words
links to my friends and extended circles.

A small piece of advice to
upcoming authors.

Write the best making it first your
favourite look into the mirror and isolate
your strength that sets you apart from
others. Work best on your subject, craft
it into your best abilities that turn you
unique that you are noticed and
recommended to be read. Write from
your heart as there is no particular way
to write but make your manuscript best
polished before the print. Edit, re edits,
print, promotions, need time and
As my individual perception that I have
for myself is that, My Autobiography
will end with a line



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