Elements of Life – Inderjit Kaur’s Living series published by Notion Press

Notion Press has been doing remarkably well in the field of self publishing with its unique Author Incubation Program which lets every individual writer to get published and sell reasonable copies in the market. It has been acknowledged by many as a very helpful tool to showcase their talent in this very challenging field of books and publishing.

Self help books are piled up in every book store, there are numerous authors writing great thoughts and ways of living your life, facing the competitive world and much more. Inderjit Kaur’s second book in her living series, Elements of life is a unique book that explores the options and choices which will help you to live more in tune with what you want from life. Motivational chapters simple questions based on elements of life – air, fire, water and earth and thereby providing simple strategies of life to help you live in harmony with yourself, others and the world, enhancing you to be true to your values and to interact with others while being In more patience are some of the wonderful aspects which she talks about.

The book makes one feel good and has a positive influence on the reader bringing in peace and Happiness in their life, making it an awesome experience.

The book has been neatly scripted, with crisp advices and life scenarios to engage the reader all through the book making them connected to the book. Ms.Kaur is an author, inspirational guide with powerful voice of spreading positive quotes through her tweets. Writing being a passion made her perceptions change forever, while being in adversities she launched her debut book living a more meaningful life which is now on all global platforms. Considered as a positive and peace messenger through her tag line ‘keep smiling, keep shining’ she has inspired thousands to make a positive choices that impacts not only their lives but also those of others through her positive quotes her blogs and pages of A living series. As a writer, poetic indulgences and meticulousness in handling emotions can be called as her forte.

Interview /Book trailer

Elements of life teaser:



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