I will be perfectly honest and say from the start that I have not read a great deal of spiritual writing for many years.  It was something I turned to when going through certain phases in my life, and I certainly took from each book or teachings, elements that I applied to the way I coped with situations or how I moved on from them.

However, Inderjit Kaur asked if I would read her book Elements of life~A Living Series and over the last two or three weeks I have been spending time each day within its pages. This is not a review as I do not feel qualified to critique this genre.

This is not a book that you pick up and commit to reading in two hours.  It is not a novel or a thriller with a twist at the end.  It is a book that requires time to read and absorb.  As you read each chapter you will find that some of the words will resonate with you personally and each individual who reads the messages and quotations will find a different interpretation.

To give you an example here are some of the phrases and sentences that I felt were most relevant to me.

‘The Responsibility to make a Change lies in you…’

 ‘90% of failures are not because people were defeated, it’s because people quit.’

 ‘Always remember that there is tremendous power in Stillness, in being calm, in being in patient, in silence, and that you accumulate all the serenity required to be in this life’

 ‘In your darkest hour, never worry that there’s no hope for the future. You are the author of your own destiny, you get to decide the next chapter.’

 ‘Do not ignore your health – keep track of your eating habits. Drink lots of water. Practice meditation. Grab time from your busy schedule for being in silence. It re-energises the body, mind and soul, creating a balance.’

 ‘No one was a born leader or a born artist, or writer. They made their paths practicing their passions, giving their best.’

 ‘We are a work in progress. We are given another great day to fulfil all that we want to.’

 ‘Being right is never important but being happy is… Let others be right most of the time…’

 ‘In short, we live life as if it is the greatest emergency! We are always in a hurry solving issues, thinking of them as big problems and tend to occupy ourselves unnecessarily in small stuff, compounding them.’‘In the end, sweating the small stuff makes us lose precious times in our life.’

 ‘The Stressed life. Poor eating habits and disturbed sleep patterns are major daily stresses. Pressure to excel in your job or academics, owning the latest electronic devices… are all damaging to healthy living.’ ‘Stop Living Someone Else’s Life.’

About the author Inderjit Kaur

Inderjit Kaur is an author, and an inspirational guide with a powerful voice spreading positive quotes through her tweets. She has been a poet since the age of 9 years old and during her post-graduate scientific studies at Mumbai University she became editor of the college magazine.

Writing is her passion and it has influenced her perceptions of life repeatedly. During a particularly difficult time in her life she launched her debut book Living a More Meaningful Life which is available in several formats.

Her tag line is Keep Smiling, Keep Shining and she has inspired thousands to make positive choices that impact not only their own lives but those around them.

In the pages of A Living Series she continues her mission to bring more positivity into this world of ours with positive quotes, examples and advice.  This attitude to life is mirrored in her blog and on Twitter.       @inderjitlmml):https://twitter.com/inderjitlmml


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Sally Cronin February 2015.

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Thank you Sally, for Reading Reviewing Elements of life, Much Appreciated.



4 thoughts on “Elements of life Reviewed by ~ Author Sally Cronin.

  1. A true book by an inspirational writer. Yes certainly there is a need to know the inner meaning of this precious gift by god- LIFE. Ans no other than nature can optimistically carry the message. The reviews are a must deserve for this AWESOME book!!!

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