What’s Positive Thinking?
What’s being a Positive?
What’s being in Courage?
All this just means
Walk like a Warrior
………. towards Light.

When there’s a positive outlook for life there’s no room for failures,there’s no possibility of negatives around.


~ Positive Thinking ••••••

Positive thinking may be defined as getting results for any situation in life by opting positive perception for all that’s some how viewed to be as complex and complicated.
But things may not be complicated or complex as perceived.

Yes negative perception plays all that can change everything.
So what’s the best way to get the most outstanding  results in the troubled situations of life?
When there’s a positive outlook for life there’s no place for being streseed.This develops the seeds of thinking good in all aspects of life you slowly develop it as a habit and eventually become a positive thinker.
You no longer dwell in past neither you don’t keep occupied yourself thinking to all those hundreds of things which may actually never happen.
Positive thinking never lets you lose choices that can change your life for better.Positive thinking leads your way towards more flourishing developments.
Instead of thinking what would go wrong you can now choose what can be done now and you start exploring various other options to complete the task in hand and getting desired results. This leads to the path that sparks positive follows making you a successful visionary who can now develop the status of finding peaceful solutions to all his problems.
This means being positive you will now try and explore all the affirmative solutions in every situation of life.
That’s how a positive thinker would play his role.
Indeed amazing how thoughts, words,thinking may impact on the whole series of events in your life.
This is needed to be understood and noted carefully.

Well apart from this,Positive thinking has a more wider role to play and that can’tbe understood unless we view what’s being positive.

~ Being POSITIVE ••••


At times when you get fixed in darkest gloomy days when nothing seems to workout eventhough you try your best.
Just be a little patient.
Be Positive. ….

What’s being positive?

Well,as earlier said being positive means nothing but thinking positive in every situation that you face.
Thinking positive or being positive is thinking for positive results or being  more acceptable towards life in whatsoever life situations are by being balanced and keenly analysing in more optimistic way.
When there’s positive thinking or positive outlook there’s no room left for negatives to dwell or no space for negative assumptions.
Being positive ends up having more pleasant life then someone who thinks only negative in every situation. Perhaps they remain standing at the same place holding time draining there energies with ultimate no progress in life missing every little opportunity that life must have forwarded towards them.
Because those who look into negative things in life lack to see better options for the problems that they maybe facing.
Sometimes we just need to ignore the circumstances and move ahead with courage.
Sometimes ignoring is only the available solution.We got to keep ourselves engaged in other things so we can avoid impacts of negatives. We usually get best answers to every question when we are in peace and in patience.
Being positive will not allow negative things or thoughts to invade the mind . This helps maintaining peace and results patience required to attain the best solutions or desired results of problematic situation.
Being positive helps you to look beyond your fears you tend to take risks.
Being positive helps you to adopt different ways towards sorting out the solutions for your problems.
Being positive helps you exploring different and wider approach towards achieving success in your task.
Being positive envelopes you in courage in a radiant attitude that helps you follow your dreams achieve your goals and leading you towards prosperity.


Positive Thinking leads you to become being positive thus comprehending true courage that you can implement in your life and walk courageously like a warrior towards light.

~Being Courageous ••••

When you opt being positive you also encourage others who are fixed in negativity of life.
Yes it’s not so easy but again it’s not impossible either.
We can opt being positive and we can resonate positive energy around bringing about a drastic change in so many people around. Just think about this.
Most people do accept positive energy spreading people.
Like you get a smile back to your smile a blessing is followed by a blessing like wise being positive is also contagious just try with a little more courage.
Change someone’s gloomy day into light today.
That’s what I say ~
Being in courage….
to take a risk overlooking negatives opting positives and spreading light.
There exist so many people who love to hear and feel good.
Accept problems with a chance to challenge yourself and try to overcome the defeat by your positive perception today.

Every morning brings innumerable number of chances to opt out for a change that you desire to see.
Rediscover this opportunities that life keeps adding day after day.
Be privileged to be in this life.
I personally like positive life more brighter than anything else.

Positive people do shine brighter

This is my favourite line from my book Elements of Life, I do highlight this words often..


Positive thinking makes you a Positive thinker.
Being a positive thinker you be more in courage.
Being in courage often helps you to explore more success.
This overall evolves you a new person evading life with a powerful positive being.
You now courageously open the doors of challenges.

You now make your dreams come true✔

You now achieve your goals✔

Being positive is a power that’s undeniable~That’s remarkable to have a great importance and can make impact on your life✔

Respect yourself to Stand against fear every time you face it ~ just be positive✔

Endeavour to learn a little more being in patience~being optimistic in every situation you face✔

Do not assume yourself as a victim of circumstances.
Just hold your head high✔

Walk like a brave warrior towards light✔

Keep Smiling
Keep Shining
For life is Awesome.
Take care.


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