⚪Lessons are to be mastered as self learning teaching aids.

⚪Courage gives us self control to perform constantly.

⚪The degree of your determination makes the purpose of life more meaningful and possible.

⚪The responsibility to make a change lies in you.

⚪We feel happy when all is perfect, but tiny little change creates a complexity in our thoughts at once.


⚪We are dissatisfied often either -if pleasure doesn’t last  or if pain doesn’t vanish.

⚪We will remain unhappy if we deliberately interfere in natural flow of life experiences.

⚪It’s always hardship and struggles that brings out best qualities of you.

⚪Many of us don’t take enough responsibility for the magnificent event called life. We make it toxic with self created anxietie and worries.

⚪We trade our lives collecting achievements not awared that these are external rewards for investment of our precious life.

⚪ Struggling in negatives, we are actually webbing our inner selves,restraining growth of life and happiness.

Elements of life
Inderjit Kaur.


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