When the day breaks with serene beauty and pleasant to hear chirping birds, golden cool sunlight scattering to each and every corner of beautiful earth and coolness of calm breeze blushing you hello on your cheeks..as if greeting a very blessed day to you.

Do you find yourself filled in positive energy or you find yourself struggling to start your day somehow, though you know intentions are good : but still you’re finding yourself off track and as the day progress you feel vulnerable facing challenging issues, struggles resulting the impact that you’re derailed from the main route.

How often you did face this?
Do you agree that this difficult phase will be a period of transit where you get opportunity to learn and grow certifying you with best experiences of life?
How hard did you tried to put best efforts to ensure you’re not pushed back in distress?

Your answers to all this question would reveal whether you need to master the craft of self discipline and get committed to the cause.

Life is a beautiful challenge just like a big jigsaw puzzle which isn’t easy though. The pieces that are colorfully placed are structured ahead, every time we step further, as tiny or monumental problems, issues, hardships and struggles.
But you know what….
the beauty is to face the challenges, find solutions to the issues and problems with courage, applying it just smoothly as we apply a balm that kills the pain; which deals us to bear what’s supposed to be faced and on this road, we have to search hope on the sides, as it will act as a fuel making us move in believe that a beautiful tomorrow waits for us.

Perhaps happiness, sorrows, victories, defeats are just like season or more defined as day and night with a continued process of change.
No faded thoughts cover the line, that indeed life is beautiful and every moment is a celebration to be in this life.

Difficulties and struggling times are there just to evaluate our patience and courage thus crafting our true character as human being who is ready to face what’s to be faced on the way in enthusiasm.
We know that yes, trails and tribulations does make us strong and prepare us to face the challenges of life with equanimity.

The farmer can sow the seed and plough the field and has to wait patiently for the fruits, but he can’t force sunlight to shine more brighter or can’t turn the direction of winds and rains. Perhaps in life there’s no gain unless you bear all the pains and wait in patience.
If someone assumes that good times will be forever gets easily succumbed into pressures of challenging hard times and is forced to be pushed back in depressing state.

Believe in yourself, It’s all that is needed the most. Have faith in yourself and just conceive a thought of self belief in little of courage.
A thought of change must to be seeded by you, for you, within you and know that if you master the elegant craft of self discipline now; can make you gain positive outlook towards life and you can face everything and accomplish all that you want. Good and bad days will be there always no doubt about that but you need to be focused more and comitted.
You feel now it’s absolutely amazing once you start working on yourself with a little of self awareness. You’re comitted to make a positive change into your perceptions, so don’t keep it fade and under wrap.
Let everyone know you’re trying to rise above the storm with self discipline and this commitment would help you gain strength in self belief acting as tiny packets of energy boosters. Be comitted, be honest to yourself, craft a beautiful person of yourself, now just a little effort is needed and you’re done.

Even the most strongest Kings faced adversities and challenges life was never easy for anyone. But one who knows how to weave the threads of happiness and sorrows explicitly, surge the crown of victories on their heads and the names shine in history forever.
The ultimate challenge is achieving the mastery of self discipline, as we all have the potential to live up a perfect happy life.
Master the beautiful challenges of life with self discipline and commitment the more you practice more it would be easy.

Like a sunset which looks more vibrant if it’s covered by infinite irregular shaped clouds, enhancing the radiance of lights. So is life, without difficulties and challenges it’s beauty remains unnoticed.
Because, I do believe…
‘Life: A beautiful challenge`

We have to keep walking the path of life somehow, facing all that’s on the way, as we got to go back home one day ….🍀🍃

Keep Smiling
Keep Shining

Inderjit Kaur


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