Raging storms, hardships of life, complex circumstances are just like another redirected pages of life that resembles the most accredited way of lessons to be learnt, also that reflects the message that: ‘Yes, life tests us in many ways.’
If we want a change, we need to be accustomed to look, out of the frame, be out of our comfort zones, we need to starve distractions that make our path hazzy and blurry. And we should try to feed our goals of positive perceptions.
Times may be hard and the cause of despair may be many, which may indulge in losing all our hopes on life unable to see what lies ahead. The horizon may be looking blurr.
Events could be devastating
at times, when you face loss of someone whom you love. Unexpected diagnosis predicting suffering and sometimes lost job, which could be the only key to your survival.
The sufferings may tend towards more negative impact on your own self regardless all your efforts we sometimes giveup,
“I can’t “, may be the only thought that is left deep within you.
But I want to focus here, on all those people, who learned deeply from all the trails, from the hardships and just walked in courage and grace .
Those inspiring people who left there stories behind are to be saluted.
Martin Lurther King was forced to surrender his seat and was forced to stand for next ninety miles. His words from the speech delivered
“I Have a dream”, became immense famous, later he was awarded the Noble prize in 1964. He fought for rights and became a leader of the American civil rights movement.

The Beatles were rejected by Decca records executive Dick Rowe.The Beatles were rejected by Philips, finally contract was offered by Parliophone,George Martin the producer and this is how the most interesting and influenced rock’n’ roll band marked the page of the history.

We never know what future holds for us, if you feel life isn’t going your way, don’t get despair and opt to give up, for most of us, just tend to give up very easily.
This is completely understandable that times break you.
But do we care that we have responsibilities, there are people who care for us.
We may be there only world… !
If depressing glimpses continues it’s impact on your life, then the fact appears prominent resulting flashed suicidal tendencies. Leaving you disappointed in extreme of loneliness.
It’s even more stressful, when this thoughts are bandaged deep within. It’s like an emptiness invaded in your souls.
So, just wake up and start talking on the serious subject for the discussion and start the bridge building concept. This is only possible, if we look forward and try to see this out of frame;
In just a little positive way
exploring best from life.
This may be a wakeup call for you, infact demanding a change in life.
When we look towards a more optimistic view, we can suppress all those causes that were draining you towards emptiness, the pain of loss, the burdens of hopelessness are thus just pulled away resulting a renewal of you.
You try to reconsider your own choices which earlier you feared to opt for.
Thus yes, we just need to overpower the negatives over positives and
Yes : it’s POSSIBLE.
It is likely that you may even find someone very close whom you can share your experiences your pain, it’s just you need to figure out more life alternatives which prosper positive feedback into your thoughts and revive the hope that you lost in your life.
Review the problems or hardships as just a evolution of your own self. Take this as a turning point of your life and not an end. Put all your efforts to build back the bridge back to your life which will be easier.
Try to recognise the confusion created by struggling time’s it may be disturbing, it may break you, but yes, a little more awareness into positive outlook may break the ice.
Darkness may be a significant call that may outshine as beginning of your life journey – just think about it.

Just not reacting to the things which we can’t change, at the same time there’s no need to keep standing and getting immobilise.The universe is never late to answer your calls.
Have you noticed flowing water. Just gaze the serenity and purity it redeems. And now focus on a small pond which envelopes sometimes stagnant water, you can clearly observe the difference. Yes, you can now notice the difference.
Look at both the waters, just take a glance on both descriptions. Still water appears to be dark and hazzy, the colour also changes, pungent smell etc…water thus virtually loses it’s true identity.
Thus negatives atmosphere around you can suck your energies out of you, if you do not keep walking the walk of life.
Just remember. …
No storm are forever. …

Keep Smiling
Keep Shining.
(Colours of Life▪Contrast~hues`)



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