You’re entitled to a great success when you are not paralysed by the defeats and the unavoidable, inevitable circumstances on the way, as you didn’t hold yourself much into agonising over, what you didn’t achieve, but you made certain improvements. You opted for self awareness, you started exploring your hidden potentials, you managed to craft your skills, you kept being devoted.
You logged some discipline and time management in your journal.
With all your self belief, efforts, positive perceptions, consistency and courage, ruling the hard work, you were successful and did managed to finish what you began.

Success would never come to those who engage themselves, all time comparing with others and wants to lead someone else’s life.
But success would definitely knock the doors, who ask for a change, who accept the challenges on the path with a ray of hope and keep there faith working in positive directions no matter what . Success leads the path, walking in front to those who seek, who remain strong and focused : And to those who redeem the positive thoughts that they would do the best.

Although you ignored, all the traps, all the attractions and illusions on the way, you made some huge sacrifices, you crossed over the roughest terrains with your enthusiasm, the difficulties waned off springing you bright.

Just always remember;
Success is not overnight it’s outcome of years of your hard work, devotion and sacrifices you made on your way.
You got to submit and surrender hence winning, the war of difficulties, with courage and patience.
You’re accredited by true a success. You’re a true winner now.
Because that’s the true success and not accumulating the powers and filling your coffers with gold.
The path to success is the hardest and the longest one:-
You can’t pick the fruit when it’s green, you got to wait for a golden harvest with patience. You got to encourage yourself, to be in patience and in hope for the time of harvest, often may get delayed, sometime.
All you got to do is, just sow a seed of self believe and respect the time between the sowing and harvesting, in patience and in faith.
The transformation would be amazing and you’ll be profoundly filled with a new energy, to meet a new of yourself, when you would excavate the one, who dwelled inside you, was occupied with great powers and had enormous abilities to craft a new of you.
Remember anything you want to be, you can, if your goals are clear enough with discipline and you’re focused with a clear mindset.
You have the potential to create a unique self, implementing the best of you, beginning right now: because you’re combed with courage and conviction only weak fail to climb, the wall of success.

Inderjit Kaur


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