Refocus-Revive, some more strength and
Run your Race,
Restructuring your goals.

“If there is something great in you, it will not appear on your first call. It will not appear and come to you easily, without any work or effort. ”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

You’re a strong and a confident player, on this road of life.
Do you take enough responsibility, for making a difference to your own life?
Do you spare some time, analysing the life you want to see yourself ?
Indeed, everyone would like to see him or her as a great successful candidate for the role. It’s yet, as simple as this, what you resist will continue until you faced with more of courage.
It’s time to refocus and review the things that are not working. Make some important decisions right now to what’s most important to you, in your life.
Well, it all requires a little amount of courage and a little pinch of discipline to be sprinkled, garnishing the platter of awesome life. We can’t continue to live in fear of unknown and unseen tomorrow and keep stretching our lives much more smaller than its meant to be.

Dare, Desire, Dream, Do it.
We have to be on the track running our own race.

A choice has to be made now whether you are looking for a better version of you, refocusing the best way to get through the process. We have to set some goals,, when we do this, we know we are here with a purpose.
Goals helps us to achieve what we’re seeking. Goals redefine our purposes here.

Be yourself, set some real goals
dwelling on the possibilities, affirming your key asset and that’s your strong will power.
It’s not that you’re afraid to accept change or that you’re feared to face the real challenges.
It’s just to keep simple and clear that propels you more closer to your success. On achieving small success you feel happy and contented. You’re able to finish what you started. You witness your purposes and missions to be accomplished are now muchmore easy.
This roots your confidence and at this juncture, I truly recommend my favourite quote from, my book
‘Elements of life’

“On achieving small success double your will power”.

We got to fight all the forces holding us back. Redirect all your energies into goal setting, if you’re seeking a magnificent transformation of self.
At the same time we got to accept our mistakes and rectify them. When we do so, we clear all the unexplained clutter, making our life more simple and easy. It’s said accepting our flaws, we are a step closer towards our purposes, yet another small accomplishment to be cherished. We are work in progress, we got to learn, accept, and grow at every stage of life.
Making some priorities, writing them down, working one by one, each time tracking the tiny flaws, rectifying them steadily but still pursuing the target with discipline and creating some guidelines can do wonders.

As you rise above,
to choose a life,
that will make difference,
you’ll face the voices
of disagreement.

But don’t give up….Recognise the voices, take it as a compliment. Accept the criticism bravely.
When we react to our critics, we give them full marks for their evaluation. So just remain calm.
Accept and walk further, don’t let this words hold you back.
Don’t forget you’re a strong warrior now, you’re on your track and remember an elite performance can silent all the voices.
Noting the voices of critics as the mark of improvements that is to be keenly explored and worked upon, just walk ahead.
And once rectified, you’re now more stronger than yesterday to face all that’s on the way.
Run your race and rejoice your success immensely.

So what are you waiting for?

On your marks, get set go…..

Keep Smiling
Keep Shining.

Inderjit Kaur


4 thoughts on “On your marks, get set go…

  1. Inderjit, you are such an inspiration and this message was what I really needed to see right now….a perfect reminder! Thanks for sharing your ♥ & light! ☺

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