Do you feel that life is simple, or do you struggle believing in yourself ?…
Some people waiting for stars to align, so many waiting for a perfect day, so many waiting for a brighter day, for the time to be right.
While not everyone may hit with similar threads, indeed they leap forward making a beautiful resolution.
Today is the day to avoid, complex daunting circumstances with a simple positive thought of self believe.

I don’t believe in tomorrow that hasn’t yet arrived.
What we have, is now.
But don’t forget, we are all, full of possibilities and surely dwelling with some unique qualities within us that need to be explored and crafted.

Yes, we get stumbled across unavoidable situations, and certain issues occasionally, but those times are not lasting forever isn’t it?
If you just think you want to cross the river standing on the shores, you won’t be able unless you dive into the waters with self believe. Similarly, situations or circumstance can’t be dealt unless faced. Obviously? we are not here to fritter our precious time, when we have all the potentials, to opt for best choices to be made on the way,
to make a difference, to make a change.

You’re not supposed to wait for a perfect day to arrive.
You’ve got all the ability and the responsibility to make a change lies in you.
Make a positive affirmation today and be a stand out.
Make some beautiful resolution now. You got to throw all the shackles of your doubt and start believing in yourself now.

Make a change to cause a difference and challenge yourself to test your abilities that the difficulties are demanding from you.
Yes you’re capable.

The moment you decide that you’re not going to hold back yourself into the fears that are no longer serving any growth, you raise your life at this very instant you’re changed for a meaningful purpose of your life. Now you set the course of your own destinations, advancing in courage to make all the attempts walking courageously into the  directions of your dreams accomplishing the  resolutions  you made.
Now you mark an excellent important improvement in your journal and now, just stop worrying about the potholes on the road,  just keep walking.


Today is the day in which you can make an attempt seeking the changes and achieving your targets making your life worth living.

I firmly believe in power of words that beautifully impact and play the role.
The words to inspire, the words in form of small affirmation and in prayers thus words do wonders.
Simple affirmation makes me feel better and happy.
Now I see my life free of complex issues as I’m more tuned into finding happiness in simplicity.
I’m more creative and confident now.
You’re a person who dwells in possibilities, you’re having all the courage, only weak will hesitate to climb the rockiest mountain.
But once you climb up high, you will find, still more horizons to be explored. Just think about the current obstacles, that are prohibiting you to attain your dreams, you got to overcome all your fears and cross all the roadblocks, to aquire the state of bliss that you are so much deserving.
Once you recognize the obstacles and develop a great passion and will power to overcome those stumbling rocks, you will witness, amazing results and every thing that was once impossible, seems to get easy and is accomplished, leading you to the right place, making you a stand out in every situation of life.
Anything that you are seeking, you can, if your goals are clear and you’re true to yourself in making the commitment.
Positive words of affirmation to self, play a tremendous role.
Discipline, willpower and self believe are the keys to unlock all the codes, without each of these you’re just a victim, who just dwells in lazyness, unclear about his or her own destinations.
Bottom line is, what you have is today, so rekindle the strings to best adaptivity for a beautiful tomorrow.

So, what’s your strategy on working on your goals?

Remember :

‘Efforts keep you moving forward, but once stopped you’re paralysed’.

Keep smiling
Keep shining.

Inderjit Kaur


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