At times, when nothing seemed to be working and I was entangled into the quest of unavoidable circumstances, I did suffered lack of self confidence. Negatively charged up thoughts escalating the top most graphs incredibly, debilitating the conditions more worst.
‘I need to stop and revive all the issues surfing up like a giant wheel’.
This reassurance was a spark to all the unanswered queries, that I was trying to figure out.

Instantly whole life started improving, once I realized that everything hinged on the choices, I made.

In fact, what I did learned from my difficulties was, that circumstances do highlight in our life, to flash how much we are already given and how much are we prepared to cater the unseen, that’s emerging right across the path.
I did searched a simple meaning to the word ‘change’
And to seek the answer, I needed to start exploring the events, which were left behind on the  last turn that I crossed.

Yes, I immediately figured out the best answer and that was, the best word of positive living diary and that’s how, I framed it relating as an attitude  every one should possess and the word is ‘START’.
So now, I have been able to write down a beautiful sentence in my personal journal.

“To make a change, we need to start with a seed called desire”.

When applied to the best of my own perception, I drew a affirmative conclusion regarding opportunities. We got to grow through them intentionally in positive perception recognizing the purposes and the cause.
As all opportunities do come suddenly and slip away silently through the  back doors, we got to be alert in recognizing them and allowing them to foster ourselves to the path of personal growth through vivid experiences.

Recognizing the opportunity you get a chance to shine out with best options contrasting the best at same time, instead of wallowing the problems and not putting your best efforts limiting your achievements of life.

The responses that you make to the opportunities knocking around you, thus help you to  design the graph and calibre it to  the mark of your own destinations.

Sometimes you desire to do something about your life and you start to weave the uneven threads some how depicting the best way out.
And this desire, happens to be the greatest turning point.

Following the line are the thoughts, that when blended with a purpose, do converge the possibility of the dream come true.
You can now start the change and aim your success but, if you fail to recognise the opportunities, you will be standing on the runway as similar to the seafoam, struggling  against the rocky shores, waiting for tides to make the way.

When you are determined in pursuing your goals into actions, thus implementation of the same draws you closer to, achieving the deserving success that you are seeking.

When you really desire something concrete to be the part of your life,  and that which further needs to be re-organized, you’re willing to stake all your future with one  great cemented thought of ‘self believe’-

And  now you’re ready to turn the entire wheel of your destiny into your favour. These thoughts that converge with self believe and strong will power are significant statements making the difference, that you need for a change to be seeded.
And to make a change you need to start recognizing the opportunities knocking around the corner.

Apparently your goal would not shape into the mould you’re perceiving unless you setup a definite purpose and a progressive cause.

But yes, constantly intensifying your desires something very important can change for you, by you, for your benefit and betterment.

Don’t you dare to quit when temporary defeats overtake you.
Take it as a challenge and just keep walking, being committed to the cause with a  power of harnessing self discipline, in every aspect of life.

So what’s your strategy to pick the cards of opportunities that are playing tricky.
Be aware and be prepared to recognize the knocking opportunities, as they often appear to come from a very different directions to that we expect and also in a very different form.

That’s the key card that they keep playing making us confused, while slipping away from the back doors silently.

Keep Smiling
Keep Shining.

Inderjit Kaur


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