Accentuate your positive outlook. Stop feeds of assumptions and craft your strength. Focus on your goals, walk the road, lead the path and think like a visionary. Be a trend.
Leave your footprints.
Let your struggling times be inspiring for others too.
When we talk positive we talk affirmatively filled words.
The words with a acceptance of responsibilities.
And that’s familiar to all of us and that is a ‘Yes’…
The word speaks so much.
The word accentuates the strength of being positive.
The word reflects the attitudinal signature.
‘Yes’ is a positive word of being more expressive accepting the responsibility of taking the time to do the things that are relevant to be done.
Assuming that you can not do anything about any situation or while facing some difficulties is acting like a person who doesn’t want to walk the road and just wasting his time in complaints.


Fears of failure makes you to miss the opportunities that could have taught you to craft a new of yourself.
Knowing yourself more, your true potential. It’s like acting again more in a disciplinary manner. A bit more intellectual this time.
What’s so ever you’re good, do it more confidently, in a more bolder way. Craft your strength to your best potential.
Lead your path, don’t walk on the old road that’s already there while you are a traveller in life. Make a new. Be a trend setter.
One of the important fact that needs to be explored and reconsider is the limits we put across ourselves.

Just remember, this are entirely processed and designed by us. Thus once explored stretching beyond the edges keeps you astonished to know how much power did you possessed.
I do believe, some where deep down dwells a real of you who is constantly fighting a way thru the challenges, circumstances and life emergencies.
This may be enveloped in various forms. But the day you train yourself more refined in the terms of performance as the peak performer do, you will meet a new person inside you.
Who knows to meet all the tough challenges that life proposed.
Just try to sneak a view of obstacles, the limits which are framed, they are just preventing you from attaining what you are looking for or what you’re aiming to achieve.

Analyze this road blocks.
Troubles are always unexpected and won’t leave us until, we learn what we’re supposed to learn.
There’s no easy way to success.
It’s outcome of years of your hard work. It isn’t a overnight miracle. It’s a process, it takes
years of devotion and takes time.
There’s no success overnight.
And as we reach our success and view from the top, we see new peaks that are to be explored and scaled.

That’s the brilliant aspect of life to discover a new set of possibilities, when ever you endure hardships and adversities. Suffering is like a vehicle which is to be driven from inside. Being in peace and in patience, using all the knowledge and skills carefully to get the best solutions.

Generally those who evolved as great performers emerged their way through suffering.Those who endured pains and travelled their life facing adversities and hardships, understand the true meaning of transformation.

The true meaning of a change. They’re more humble and evolve as true guide towards the life philosophy.
I did experience highs and lows. The legal cases, divorce, broken marraige that ensued deep pains, teared off me in unending trips of severe migranes that would not leave me until I injected painkillers.
At one time the circumstances lead me broken in millions pieces that led my spirit entangled in questions and I started to decay in this pool of depression.
I tried to take my life.
I just without thinking a moment left the house walking like a loner towards the road that lead to railway tracks. I just saw dark road as far as my eyes could screen.
Walking in pain, tears flowing down, face getting washed in rain just as if the night is darkest and I’m on an unending road.
Like walking on fire.
I’m wandering aimlessly around as if, I’ve just literally lost my self unknown to me.
Thoughts stopped flowing, I’m blank and I find suddenly losing all my weight, collapsing down to the ground.
I do still try to get up any how taking the help of a car parked nearby. I stood a long cried and cried and cried loudly.
People crossing by, unknown to what has happened.
Meanwhile someone offers me water, but I’m so stressed and broken from inside and i said to myself :
‘All life is meaningless’ –
I hear a voice ‘No dear, Just calm down, have some water you will feel better’.
Suddenly I receive a bliss of blessing. And I feel, a little bit enlightened.
Just as if I’m, emptied from the weight of suffering.
Something as if I managed to unload or shrugged off from my shoulder the huge heaps or mountains of suffering and pains. I just can’t describe the feeling in words but it was a divine interference.
I’m convinced. That evening came with a life changing epiphany for me.
I recollect, I did cried a lot that night holding my younger son in my arms. He was just 7 years. And how did I forget, that I had
responsibility behind, who just looked upon me as his only world.
This was the transformation.
The change that kept knocking my door, but I was reluctant to hear, as I was under shadows of fears.
But I decided not to give up.
I started to write. No matter how hard it was to keep myself stand in those days, but I decided just not to give up.
That was the darkest night but I knew, shimmers of golden rays of light will fall in my life soon.
This is how ‘Living a more meaningful life ‘ my debut book got originated and rooted.
During those struggling period of more than two and half years of legal fight(Domestic violence),
I used my time engaged in writing early mornings. I got myself more occupied in music even when performing my house hold chores, Imade sure not leave myself alone in detachments loneliness and sufferings.
I made a play list of some beautiful songs.
I took my pen and paper and just started to write.
Every morning tried to write some headlines for my subjects.
Briefed it in notes.
And started adding exploring writing it for hours.
This is how, I kept Inderjit Alive.
And I’m no longer feeling sorry for myself. Some kind of divine bliss just restored all my broken strings that day.And though my life was in mess, I just kept smiling, I just kept walking.
By the time flowed, I eventually witnessed, I had a scope that was very positive. I found a new of me in the process, while repairing all my broken pieces that I did possess, incredible energy which was flowing in positive outlook towards this meaningful life.
I now say yes, there are many seasons coloured in our lives.
And pains are never forever.
If I can, anyone can survive storms of life by just accentuating your positive outlook towards life.
🍃Life is hard🍃
🍃But not impossible🍃
Keep Smiling
Keep Shining.
Inderjit Kaur.


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