“When i look back on all these worries, i remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which never happened.”
              —– Winston Churchill.

It’s important to recognise the changes and act accordingly before it’s too late. Sometimes you get stuck in adversities  of your life ,and try hard to keep going . You get closer to depression and feel losing the interest of your life.The
Journey through depression and beyond requires a balance of action and acceptance.
I’ve witnessed people surrendering to the negative phase of life and giving up even  to make a try,  to overcome and to cope up this state of depressions. Surrendering to the circumstances and getting  stuck will only pile up more of exertions and you unknowingly resign yourself to the limits that hold you back keeping your self esteem very low.You have to act positively and consciously to free yourself from the places that keep you holding back.

As the need for the change gets cleared up we get more closer to
make a difference by making a change that is necessary.
Our old habits of delaying the things and resisting to work gets faded.
The first step for a positive walk through during this phase, is to recognise the negative thoughts provoking demons of fears, that looms far larger during  depressions.
We can actually  perpetute the powers of fear by just recognising them early and fighting back as soon as they are traced.
So like wise as the demon of fear it can go same as demon of hate,disturbance,anger,the demons of uncertainties,the demon of feeling less confident,and the list goes on.
We got to free ourselves from these everyday demons ,which i screen as more likely to rule and limit our lives making us immobilise and keep restraining our positive outlook  towards life as a whole.
The more you get engaged in the  negative  manifestation the more you invite the demon of delay that keeps you stuck in the same place.
The delays of keeping your project off or accumulation of thousands of pages to work on that project  but not done in proper format to be finished,or finding yourself stuck in kitchen watching your dishes piled up in the sink, or the delay in discussing the important topics with your kids, and sometimes delay in getting up early in mornings that could have  made your day other way around as more productive.
The best strategy to follow is to be more optimistic and being more active on physical levels and avoiding the lethargic sense of victimisation.
Just a little  bit of courage can trigger the momentum of keep  going  spirit. After a long  struggles of fighting back the fears, you can actually find yourself rejuvenating in more of brightened side of you that accelerated the positive  perceptions.
Using the optimism as the major tool, keep walking forward from where you are stuck ,you can do it .Anyway try to use the depression as an engine that can propel you to move ahead.
Start from where you got stuck.
Getting up early as having some thirty minutes for yourself helps you as a prime source of fuel in getting more close to positive  outlook towards life.
It breaks the fixed patterns giving you an great opportunity  to explore  a new of you who is determined and inbuilts the trust in life one more time by  decreasing the depressing  energies that were draining you and kept holding you back.
Though it may seem a little hard at first to start adapting the new habits of active participation but – a Start ‘, A begin’ , can change the entire scene.
And the best is yet to come.
The rewards of doing the things that we kept delaying  are palpable and you see the results immediately.
You find yourself as if you have more space to live in , feel free to congratulate yourself, as you did defeat the inner demons, with your positive conception and optimist approach towards life.
Cherish the pleasure of success  and keep this moment as a package of energy that you will need when ever you feel low.


Keep Smiling
Keep Shining.


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