Before we experience a great success in life, it’s very evident that we face quite a deal of failures, setbacks, disapprovals,

disappointed we, search for the logical questions and indeed shift our focus into that’s not required.


Apparently success is next step forward to failure and to be more precise when defeats overtakes the drive it’s easy for many of us questioning to the unexpectedly events happening.

Now, we got to remember that success is always a point beyond the  failure that were eminent. Quiting is far more easy but it takes a great zeal to understand the importance of the efforts time dedication and focus that remains the core heart of every goal.

People give up just one step short of goals even if staked with best resource best skills best of knowledge and best of expertise in various fields and focus.


It’s all about the tricky play of determined mind set and willpower. Life being  imponderable and comes with no instructions plays it’s inevitable cards.

It’s the right time that keeps the chords playing with melodious tunes.

The force that could probably enhance your performance like an elite is not ruled out by any chance.
Yes, it has to be a blend of desire, willpower, focus, persistence, vision and strong self believe.

Now once the desired concepts are generalised, it’s essential to workout the best way organizing the thoughts, formatting the plan into action by implementation.

Persuasion to the right directions, and moving forward in confidence, it’s time for crystallisation of the proposed changes and desired results.

The time when you conceivethe thought that you no longer wish to stay in the place where your growth of successful life is just decaying becomes the turning point.
Perhaps there are many various reasons when one choose to step up into a new direction.
It may be your work your family your relationship your job your career anything.
The point of referral here is once you trace out that something isn’t working and you’re stressed about it, the need arises to opt out the greatest change.

At the right time opportunities do knock the universe keeps constantly giving you a wakeup call.

When you’re in the transition from a paused state towards an escalating state there are various hurdles fusing in obstacles which are more than enough to discourage you from attempting the task.

But constantly fuelling your desires to convert the challenge change the things that need to be polished and craft your strength.

When you’re determined you’re willing to stake all the efforts precise and it’s this thought that signifies your desire getting  into reality. Now the concepts are not mere thoughts you’re willing to put all your efforts sacrificing the favourite leisurely world investing your valuable time grabbing the opportunity.

It’s the right time now and you’re doing your best identifying the opportunities that knocks your doors.
Now as you’re working positively converting your desires with defined purposes something important happens.

Persistence and determination are fused bending the oppositions those make inappropriate timely appearances from different directions. This are distracting cards that are being played by life.
As opportunities do have a sly habit of slipping away you got to be vigilant at this time

People give away one step short of the flag point. This is the right time when you’re patience is tested; as sometimes success do wrap themselves into delays making you discouraged enough to give up.
Quitting is the major cause of  many discoveries which are yet to be explored, As defeats overpowering the mindset that was once determined is now lethargic. Everyone does this silly mistake but yes we can play safe isn’t it.

If we are aware of this card which life plays and do not give up we are sure to embrace the greatest success the true success which was not shaken during any storms of life.

Being committed being determined you’re more eligible to mark the greatest calibration of success finding the opportunities at right time.

Remember if you’re stuck between opportunities and vulnerabilities don’t feel sad as these are all testing times tempting you to quit and surrender.

Don’t forget these testing times are to be faced, accept explicitly that you’ve to complete what you started facing all that’s to be faced. Keep putting one courageous step forward to another as this times are surely brimming you to valuable experiences and a wonderful asset called PATIENCE.

Keep walking and trust no matter how hard life is right now, you’re getting through this dark tunnel until you see a tiny little sparkling light of hope. Don’t quit one step short reaching your destinations this is the biggest mistake we often do.

The rougher the path the smoother the destination’s bliss.
So, go through all the experiences and valuable lessons that life trains you tp become a more skilled and a tougher warrior who’s ready to face all the uncertainties of tomorrow working hard making it look easy.
A bird must walk before it takes it’s first flight towards the vast expandibles horizons making sky as the limits.

Remember one courageous step encourages another for a journey to begin…


So keep your eyes open and work out the best for the right time is now.
The right time is not when you quit after climbing the mountain and one monumental rock blocks your way and you just surrender.
The right time is to walk beyond crossing, solving, figuring out how, when, where, resolving and attain the zenith of glory.

So what are you waiting for?

Act now! This is the right time.

Keep Smiling
Keep Shining.
Inderjit Kaur


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