Hardtimes difficult phase redecorate our lives with incredible gift of lessons.
Nature is an amazing teacher. Life is run by Nature’s Rules.
Like you must have observed the collection of cacti in the desert that bloom magnificent array of flowers

Pearls of lives like uncertainities rough conditions can bring precious gifts.
Life can be hard. We all have our good seasons as well as difficult ones. But hard times bring many blessings as well as are equally important to strengthen the perspectives in form of self awareness and courageous self.
Just be determined and let the burning passion of achieving your goals glow like fire of the Sun.
Some of the qualities of the very best leaders that have walked before us are to be screened, every time you’re in difficulties.
Like no one was a born a leader nor a born as an artist or a writer.They made there path, practising a little more of there passion, devoting the best of there potentials everyday stretching a bit more routinely at the edges working hard beyond sometimes.
We grow the most as human beings during our roughest times. So why do we judge them as bad ?
– when they bring transformations ,challenging pieces of our lives and difficult phases can just might be when we are most alive .And they always bring tiny miracles.If you are awake to them.
Your decisions, your likes, your dislikes ,your circumstances, all reflect in as your personality.
You will become your surroundings.So choose them wisely.
Rechannelling things you are associated with and the choices you have been profoundly segmenting, for a period of time can eventually shape your thinking and actions.
And make you overall upon the choices you make.
Sometimes it’s hard to embrace and digest when our dreams shatter, and the immediate questions triggers is ‘Why?…
We start to analyse…. all the good and bad outcomes that are now unavailable and that are now overshadowed by vacuums of emptying all the self believe that we clubbed in the process.

We often intercept with…
Why did God postponed???
This question is inevitable.
Truth remains that God is still working on us, to place us on better deserved path.
We need to closely connect with him and believe in his wisdom.
Sure we missed opportunities most of us just complained
But end of the day we need to be RESPONSIBLE. We are work in progress. We are given another great day for fulfilling all that we want to . Just be grateful, accept to be responsible,work a little more harder, looking forward to your goals with all determined mind set.

Keep Smiling
Keep Shining.


2 thoughts on “Being responsible At the end of the day

  1. Thank you for sharing this Inderjeet. It’s touching and leaves me with a thought ” I am work-in-progress in God’s manufacturing unit” .

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