Being positive and taking responsibility has been an important element that I’ve opted thru my hardest time in life.
And it’s an essential driving force that keeps me going in all odds and has never wavered.
What I feel is that problems and failures are to be looked at into a different way that reflects a brighter note.
As Yes, I do agree that passing through them we can bring our unique self. There’s no escape to the fact that this are part of our life without which there’s no scope of improvements left.
Problems, failures, hardships actually strike our paths to make us more creative, polishing us to our brightest skills.
Failures do encourage us to work with more disciplinary action and highlights the urge, that we need to put some more sincere efforts to get desired results.

Have you ever tried to know,why some of the people sail out smoothly in life, while some struggle through out, but never reach the destinations or achieve their goals.Most probably the thin line which seperates them is there approach and outlook towards life.The major concept here reflects is there thinking.
As I do believe, that the place where you find the possibility is the ‘new’-where the unknown resides, which is not yet explored exists. And as and as we figure out the possibilities to overcome failures, all the pain that we feel shall eventually subside and a new, possibly more determined, wiser and stronger of you will emerge.
Positive thinking often relates more about positive psychology and as the option to be more in acceptance of positive thoughts which dilutes most of the stress related issues. Precisely let me mention more about the real meaning to the definition of positive thinking. Well it’s again all about your perception, the way you look or the way you understand the situation.
It’s just looking life through a very soft lense, like you admire beautiful Rose.
Yes, often we get tempted with the beauty of a Rose, it’s colour, fragrance and this certainly has an excellent impact. Positive thinking tends to focus on affirmed status of the issues that are to be handled, being more practical. It further reflects inner monologue that enhance the attention to hear your inner voice, thus enabling you to ignore negative aspects while approaching the issues with a very clear positive mindset.

If you really want to change your life, you need to change your thoughts and all that requires is just a start, a beginning with you.
It could be a simple situation you’re facing right now.

Try to find out what if, that could be used a medium of self analysis and awareness.
Certainly, brooding over the problems only invite more of negative impacts. Back some days, I was the one who thought positive thinking is just a concept which holds true only in some books or movies. My life was in mess while still facing all the odds, I wondered every morning, why did I deserve such an existence.
I had to finally decide: as I did, figured out life could even get more worse. I started studying the concept of being positive more closely. I started with a small step of trying to ignore immediate decisions for the troubled issues. I stayed calm trying best giving time to myself. Positive thinking is not done over night it takes time.
I began reading all I could find on being positive – Books, Web, Newspaper articles.
Some words do make an impact and that’s what exactly happened. Skeptical at first, finally I got it’s influence overtaking all my sheltered concepts. I began with a new routine added in my stressed life and that was music.
I kept occupied myself with some soft music that helped me not only destress, but I could feel the changes.
I began to seek more better options in all the problems that once were pretending that they would never get resolved.
Using the positive concept as a tool, I started the change, I was looking for.
Healing from a stressed life, did not happen overnight and all of sudden.
Yes, it took interminably long, but happened.
I started instantly using a softer approach by taking time and not interfering the natural flow of life. I overlooked all the negatives that could actually trigger again at an instance.
Instinctively using best options for the problematic areas, I started to paint a new picture of my life. I began affirming brighter sides of life which now transformed me with a purpose of living more in enthusiasm.

So, do you envision your life struggling in the impacts of highs and lows..Do you feel yourself happy and contented?
Your answers will categorise where do you fall…
A positive thinker or a negative.!
You can transform your life.
You can make best of your life.
Paint a new picture for yourself
It’s never late. You’ll discover that,once you begin to transform, your life starts to change,making you feel happy. And you meet a new of you who has a bright and improved outlook towards life. There are small changes initially, but this are the doorways towards the transitions which lead a larger change that is waiting to embrace you. Enlightened within, positive mind and many such vast capabilities do exist in all of us. We just need to make a small effort to harness the potential we have: thus we are able to make a change, we are looking for. Hence achieving the goals inspite all the odds.
Clinging to the fears is just making yourself imprisoned to the circumstances.

Just make a start. Make a better choice. Paint a new picture of life.
Keep Smiling
Keep Shining.


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