How strange it is that, we follow the prescription given by the confident doctor and without restraints we do look ahead to the speeches of some people whose charismatic personality appeals us to invest our time.
We do rely on books, we do hear great leaders.
Yes, we are compounding the great quality that everyone admires called;
‘Self Confidence’.

Remember we are all blend of capabilities and limitations.
We got all that is required for a complete and contented life, it won’t be wrong to phrase that,
we are coalesced with potentials but yet flooded with fears.

Being positive, being confident are some of the self help  brimming topics evangilizing for quite a long time which are  eloquently taking it’s roots more deeper in our society.
Yes it’s urgency now that we must identify the loopholes that are restraining us towards the state of bliss that we so much deserve.
The fear of uncertainty, the fear of unknown results the fear of unresolved question like;
What will happen tomorrow?.

Let me put it simple, if you’re able to identify the crisis and resolve the burning issues without letting negative thoughts overpowering you, this directly reciprocates that you’re a positive person and  that you’re doing perfectly well, doing excellent in the self confidence department.
You just need to harness your potential and be on the right path in right direction.
Conversely, if you’re finding it difficult to break the vulnerability of crisis or difficulties and you’re not sure about yourself, here you’re certainly in shade of negative influences and though coalesced with finest potential flooded with fears.

This concentrated shades of negative aspect is needed to be diluted first and needs  immediate attention and has to be crystallised into positivity.  And when the process starts,
we can immediately see this sublimation making the fears escape and you’re accredited to your best shining and sparkling form to perform like an elite.
Well, the only thing we need to check now is the speed breakers here.
We all are brimmed to the finest mark of great inborn qualities, but sometimes there are several speed breakers on our way and we need to stop by and have to slow a bit for the journey to be smooth ahead.

Communications, self awareness  and knowledge.
Sieving through the process we can polish all the above mentioned skills into better perspectives.
Look at the stumbling rocks as challenges that are deliberately designed into your life to strengthen you, that can actually do the astounding job as similar and  as good as a work out  that keeps on toning your muscles of efficiency and self esteem.

Always remember the simplicity in this golden key lines:-


1. ‘We are capable to acquire what we desire by setting some personal goals’.

2. ‘We are capable of resolving all our problems, by conquering our difficult circumstances’.

Remember, we will never experience real happiness unless we face real obstacles,
while we are achieving our goals, we are all capable and engineered in that way.
People, who constantly keep fretting over past and failures just remarkably summarise their negative influences.
More evidently, when they say “life isn’t fair, not worth living it”. This simply means that, they have no personal goals, they lack reasons to dwell in possibilities and  they have no purposes to their life.They fear taking personal responsibilities.
They’re just flooded with fears  which is as similar as, when somebody is trying to get himself acquainted with learning a bicycle and tries all his hard efforts to balance a bicycle ride, but due to fears of falling down, keeps standing still to balance and gets unnoticed to life’s sealed envelopes, that are filled with numerous possibilities of lessons and experiences, finally he quits without even trying for once.

The real challenge is, to shed shackles of fears and unseal the envelopes of life and move forward, peddling the cycle still maintaining the equilibrium.


But yet sometimes engrossed in fears of failures people tend to stand still even if they get a chance to be on a bicycle ride. Hence now obviously the ride is shaky.

When we’re not sure about ourselves and surrounded by negative aspects, we do fear to go beyond any line, standing still at one place and find difficulties to search a new set of place to venture, and  a new set of possibilities is left unexplored,  since we are not interested in directing ourselves with some objectives.

We do adapt a ride which goes on and on aimlessly thus incorporating the route of only circles, in the end reaching no where but the same point from where it was all started.
We feel dejected, we feel lost and feel vulnerable, aimlessly trotting we do label our life as ‘Meaningless’.
Remember the short fairy tale of shoemaker and elves.
It was precisely the decision of shoemaker to accomplish his goals, while he manages to cut out the leather beforehand, keeping the designs ready for the elves who appeared after midnight and actually stiched together the shoes, while still the shoemaker was sleeping.
Now for a while let’s imagine that, what if the shoemaker had not set his goals, he would have never accomplished the target of making n number of shoes before the scheduled date. Similarly, we need to conceive some rough drafts for our goals and write them with confidence to accomplish it.
We are designed to overcome every obstacles, it’s that we need to courageously rise above our fears, straightening our crooked thinking, which is influenced in negativity, which lacks self confidence.

Regain your self confidence, and  set some personal goals to be on the track. Accept yourself as and how you’re first, without underestimating your potentials.

You cannot attempt to ruin yourself, and stop participating because of tiny little mistakes or flaws or fears.
A type writer performance with speed and accuracy can be a motivational metaphor, but do we throw it anyway for its typing errors at times due to technical slag. We do rectify and complete our drafts isn’t it ?

Just imagine, how many saucepans must have caught in fires, how many hotdogs  would’ve been overheated, greased fires, overcooked cakes, burnt ovens, while the best chefs in top class multi cuisine or five star hotels were in there culinary schools, attempting and failing but still repeatedly polishing there skills until they achieved the desired results.
I’m sure those stumbling rocks must have added them with an asset of experiences.
They learned and kept walking looking forward. Unfortunately we won’t realise now, but years later, we would really appreciate. We would appreciate, all our downfalls, we would appreciate all our setbacks, as they are here just to polish our skills. Though we are coalesced with all potential but yes we are flooded with fears.

It’s just that, we need to believe in the process.
The process of life which is consecutive in endlessly appearance of failures and success.

We are coalesced with potential of adapting the best, performing the best, leaving behind the footmarks, which can be a inspiring gateway to millions of people right out there who are struggling day in and out to come out of the darkest tunnels.

Keep Smiling.
Keep Shining.

Inderjit Kaur.


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