It’s absolutely solitude around me and I am all set to write about little things that matters the most.
Though it’s raining and wide spread is the darkness, as far as I can see, through the window to my left which enables me to view outside.
Rains and cool winds at intervals significantly marking the onset of monsoons hence making the atmosphere adorable and awesome.
Darkest is the night, only that I could hear is waters splashing  and drops clattering with drumbeat sounds on the window roof. I see thunders, lightning in between some time.
I can feel the sumptuous of the rain drops that delivers it’s fullest form marking it’s presence on the parched soul of earth.
Something that relates here is, no matter how hard the path is or  no matter how dry was the summers heat there’s always a knock of cooling rain on the heart of earth that quenched the thirst making it prosper redeeming the faith once again in peace.

Life does make the routes unpredictable sometimes and we give up waiting as we start losing our patience and it’s obvious that when you venture out on a tough path of your life, of course sometimes the things become hazzy and  unclear which tempt you to give up.
More precisely,  this hold true if you’re in pursuit of your dreams with full determination and dedication.
But let me make a subtle reminder here that this negative thoughts and setbacks are just like a thought that’s  born out of fear and certainly which is having a temporary appearance.

So, If you’re a Student, a Writer, a Musician, a Chef and  whether your your best dish, or  your manuscript, or your resume gets acclaimed or rejected or you’re recognised in your field  or face rejections always the playing card is your thoughts that can make or break you.
There will be thoughts that make you feel low, thoughts that regenerate negativity and tempt you to quit the show but some how, you need to move ahead, you need to keep moving.
You need perseverance to get thru this hardships and the critical times that are monumental barriers between you and your goals and dreams.
Apparently,  we all face this hard times and  times of uncertainty.  No body remains special to be in safe exemptions.
It’s very true and the fact that each one of us face obstacles and at certain time we do get tired and try to give up and the easiest way we opt is, we quit.

And let me remind you never do that mistake to opt out to quit.
If you do so, indirectly you deny to learn, you deny to explore your own hidden potential.
You indirectly lose the opportunity to lead a path that could have been a turning point of your destiny, leading up to success and victory.
Hence just be prepared to anything as more succinctly  said that it’s never late and it’s not worth if you haven’t been through a rough path making enough of sacrifices.
We all of possess a remarkable quality of adaptivity. We are designed to adapt the best possible availabilities, no one would prefer being unhappy unless he or she is going through some life tragic incidents.
Adding a metaphor like me compare a human mind like a garden, which can be cared and cultivated intelligently or can be just left unattended, adhering the possibilities of remaining barren with unwanted weeds with no beauty of peace and would continue this way ageless finally one day the whole garden ends up, being like a wild dry barren piece of land.
But just imagine, if it was cared properly by the gardener with time to time watering and plucking the unwanted weeds and allowing only beautiful flowering plants to grow it would have been an amazing sight.

So likely we humans should adapt this amazing quality of keeping our minds free from the weeds of negative assumptions  allowing only flowers of prosperity and positivity thus  cultivating the perfection that’s needed for a balanced and peaceful life.
A human mind is capable of adapting the best quality of weeding out the unwanted negative and impure thoughts. Eventually, we do witness that we are able to get the best of our lives that we so much deserve. We are the gardeners of our souls and we can guard our lives best way just we need to redirect our life into more beautiful possibilities.
In the process of pursuing the best adaptivity we do understand that we can walk through the dark tunnels and always dwell in possibilities with purposes and goals getting the desired and  effective veiling into reality.
After all darkness fades away.
We are the master weaver of the tapestry that are appearing in the forms of success and failures.
We can always make best choices for the challenges that pan up and that demand a change.
Darkness will always fade away.
Every today is always concluded with a hope that tomorrow would be better, things will be fine.
Which can bring out the best of you,  making you outrageously more confident.
I do pray my readers get the strength to discover more of self and are blessed with courage to set up the change, that’s immediately required in their lives which could mark the presence of its existence and help them live to the fullest potential that they do deserve so very much.
Keep Smiling
Keep Shining.

Inderjit Kaur


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