Life’s journey requires a balance of acceptance, let go and move on spirit.
Sometimes the dark phases of life often referred as to be the most difficult phase has to be concluded.
Just keep walking, move ahead persistent towards whatsoever life has stored.

Submitting ourselves selflessly, resigning to whatsoever is holding you back, moving on forward in life, surrendering, changing, accepting the life.
All submissions ultimately refine our walks.
The motive behind is not giving up but constantly moving in life in all the circumstances.
Some of the great philosophical inspiring quotes that makes me influenced and I quote as statements of life:-
‘We can not step into same river twice.’

We can always look forward to life by considering our little flaws and mistakes as lessons that are importantly  learned. Instead of feeling low and adapting to the sense of setbacks or considering ourselves inferior.
Instead we can attain more wisdom and strength adding this as a life experiences, boosting our self confidence.
It’s all the play of how we submit ourselves to this great assessment of life.

Yes, we do get disturbed facing rejections by others at times, but the fact remains that it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a second chance. Just take it as a progressive criticism which helps you to explore and learn more. We see around celebrities, world leaders were criticized for being on a different path.
Remember to walk on righteous path is never easy.
Never get influenced by the criticism or negative feedbacks take it as a compliment that you were assessed in a right manner.
How many times do we accept our flaws? Do we take enough efforts to rectify?  So why not accept the comments of critics and work more effectively.

And at one point you’ll find most vulnerable when people would judge you. Strange paradox though many of the judgement will come from those whom you know very well and those who don’t even know how you travelled your journey.
You will scan your eyes around to seeking a shoulder but you won’t find one. Yes everyone needs comfort and support at those times. Never lose yourself at this juncture no matter what no matter how much you are accused just don’t give up.
Infact this is the right time to face stand erect and walk straight and show who you’re strong in and out, who doesn’t get influenced by the temporarily surfaced stressful factors.
Never let yourself down.
As these are the times when you are being tested for your ability to surface up the waves or just flow along the waves.
When you’re tested how much effortlessly you stand on your ground because you know you can trust yourself.
And never forget that you’re never alone. God himself will hold your hands and help you to cross this season’s of uncertainty and hardships.
God loves you and he never fails to see you ever even if everyone around you were successful to do so.
God believes in you and is always walking along by your side all the time.


1 You can live in past or long for a bright future.

2 If you don’t change for the better you may be at the edge of extinction.

3 What can be more challenging than to challenge yourself to improve.

4 Confidence re-conditions all the unbalanced barriers, elevating your purpose of living more significantly.

5 Abundance of willpower and discipline can contribute fascinating performance.

6 The tougher the challenges, the better lessons inculcated.

7 Changes are for better, for growth and when you accept a change in positivity it starts a   new beginning.

8 Peace of mind is when we are able to live in the present moment more focused, more in enthusiasm.

9 Ultimately, the destiny unfolds according to what we choose in our lives.

10  Life is: The collage of vibrant lessons, enveloped as  experiences.

11 Lessons are to be mastered as self learning teaching aids.

12 Courage gives us self control to perform constantly.

13 The degree of your determination makes the purpose of life more meaningful and possible.

14 The responsibility to make a change lies in you.

15 We feel happy when all is perfect, but tiny little change creates a complexity in our thoughts at once.

We are dissatisfied often either -if pleasure doesn’t last  or if pain doesn’t vanish.

16 We will remain unhappy if we deliberately interfere in natural flow of life experiences.

17 It’s always hardship and struggles that brings out best qualities of you.

18 Many of us don’t take enough responsibility for the magnificent event called life. We make it toxic with self created anxietie and worries.

19 We trade our lives collecting achievements not awared that these are external rewards for investment of our precious life.

20 Struggling in negatives, we are actually webbing our inner selves,restraining growth of life and happiness.

21 Complexity can be cut  back. We can make choices for a simpler life.

Needs versus wants can be focused and limited.

Goals ~

Goals help us to achieve our purposes.

Challenges ~

Challenges are nothing, but our test to check out our abilities, to withstand all the unavoidable circumstances and demands a check on personal responsibility.

Drive ~

The best way to drive life is from inside just like an automobile,  Keeping balance of mind, using your skills in patience.

What’s being positive?

It’s an act to response to a problem with confidence, ruling out negative influences.

Inderjit Kaur


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