The centre line to any visionary and great ideas are purposes and positive thoughts.
What ever may be the goals but one should be focused with a purpose and determined to accomplish whatsoever is started.

It’s important to walk the life with a purpose and more importantly is to work hard to attain that purpose, thus beginning to think about the real meaning to your life.


When we think on this terms we are able to recognise failure as a path to attain the purposes.
We are able to make all conditions work in our favour.
We are able to attempt every task more fearlessly and thus accomplishing the purposes.


Achieving purposes is a path that keeps you going every time you feel like giving up.
Purposes keeps you moving in life and you’re able to look forward with hopes.
And apparently we do try our best in every field of life to do our the best. 

Once purpose of life is understood we should be confident and focussed on achieving the same.
Overcoming the doubts, crossing all fears, just walk relentlessly in strong positive thoughts.
If we allow fears to creep in, we are surely losing our sight.
We are unable to move a step further, as we are now entangled in webs of uncertainty and doubts.

It’s all the play of again determined mindset and the will to overcome all the barriers which try to hook you in same place without any results.


It’s hence important to conquer your doubts and fears thus empowering the success over failures.
Now your positive thoughts are allied with enthusiasm and you’re willing to face all that’s difficult. Now you see your thoughts grasping the roots, adapting itself as a creative force towards more progressive growth and you’re entitled for a sweet reap of the hard efforts you made Isn’t it?

Now you’re looking more confident and determined, rather than a mere weak person who is just brimmed in doubts and wavering thoughts.
Now you’re looking towards life with clarity and a vision.
Now you know where the life is taking you, what are the  flaws that are needed to be rectified. Now you can figure out places that needs to be refocused and be ready like a welder to smoulder the negative impact of thoughts on  the mind and body.
The thought factors play a vital role in the progress of life.
Thoughts impact the graph of purposes and achievements.

So what’s your strategy towards pursuing your achievements?
Do revive the process and set some personal goalsand purposes of your life.

Well, life would  still surface up with uncertainties but being focused on your purposes would root a confidence in you.
You will now navigate through all the storms skillfully being positive.
The result will be that life will be filled with joy of achievement and success and a sense of happiness, that you may fail  even to realize that could be possible to experience.


Be honest with yourself and find clarity in your purposes.

Keep smiling
Keep shining.

Inderjit Kaur


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