Being responsible.


Hard times draw us through difficult phases which redecorate our lives with incredible gift of lessons and assets in form of experiences. Nature is an amazing teacher. Life is run by ‘Nature’s Rules’. Like, you must have observed the collection of cacti in the desert that bloom magnificent array of flowers. Life is like those cacti that have to live under the harshest conditions but the moment the conditions of life becomes congenial it blooms flowers through miniscule happiness.


Pearls are derived from the great depths of the sea where lies tonnes of fatal dangers similarly good times in life are like those uncertainties that the rough conditions can bring to the shore like precious gifts.
Life can be hard. We all have to go through our good seasons as well as difficult ones. But hard times bring many blessings as well as are equally important to strengthen us from within by fortifying the perspectives in the form of self-awareness and turning us to be courageous in the go. Just be determined and let the burning passion of achieving your goals glow like the fire of the Sun.

Some of the qualities of the very best leaders that have walked before us are to be screened every time you’re in difficulties as they would supply strength.
No one was a born as a leader nor a born as an artist or a writer. They created their path and changed destiny simply by practising a little more of their passion, devoting the best of their potentials every day, stretching a bit more routinely at the edges and working hard beyond capacities sometimes.
We grow the most human during our roughest times. So, why do we judge these difficulties in our life as disasters, when actually these times do introduce ourselves to ourselves. We get to understand our strength and weaknesses only during this difficult times and for me difficult phase of my life was my greatest teacher that made me acquainted to me, whom I hardly knew otherwise.

Hard times do bring in transformations and these  challenging times of our lives are the times we live truly and grow the most. These are the times which always bring tiny miracles but you can feel only if you are receptive to those senses.
Remember the decisions you take, your likes, your dislikes, your circumstances, all get reflected in your personality.
You will be able to control your surroundings. So choose them wisely.

Rechannelling things you are associated with and the choices you have been profoundly segmenting, for a period of time can eventually shape your thinking and actions. These would finally shape you overall depending upon the choices you make.
Sometimes it’s hard to embrace and digest when our dreams shatter and the immediate question that triggers the brain making you restless is ‘Why?’…
It is then that we start to analyze all the good and bad outcomes that are unavailable by then and that are by the times which are overshadowed by vacuums of  fears and self doubts entangling all the self believe that we had once clubbed in the process.

We often intercept with…‘Why did God postpone my happiness???’ This question is inevitable. Truth remains that God is still working on us, to place us on a better deserved path. We need to closely connect with him and believe in his wisdom. Sure we might have missed the opportunities provided at a point of time but don’t leave an inch while complaining what we have been deprived of. But at the end of the day we need to be RESPONSIBLE. We are work in progress. We are given another great day in life for fulfilling all that we want to. Just be grateful, accept to be responsible, work a little harder, look forward towards your goals with a determined mind set.

Problems can be the cutting edge that actually distinguish between success and failures, rise above stretching the edges, practising more a little in determination and devoting more to your work, no matter what it is  or related to. Just make sure you give your 100 percent performance by sacrificing a little more to be applauded and be distinctive in the crowd of the competitive world.
Be responsible for your acts and figure out what’s to be done facing the problems.
Polishing your skills and experiences. Focus your path and walk in confidence.
Be you, you’re enough and designed exclusively to withstand all the storms of life, so as to make the best choices and decisions making the most of  your life.

Keep smiling.




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