Appointment with future.

We often cross the line from being disappointed to being dissatisfied with life. Usually we do expect our dreams to come true and eventually feel dejected when things are not working according to our expectations. We often forget that this giant wheel of expectations was created and crafted by us, against the current facts and figures unaware of what future has in its store for us.

When do we cross the line between dreams and reality?
Do we really find ourselves guilty or do blame God for things not happening according to our expectations?

Well, the reasons can be many, sometimes we expect a mail but feel vulnerable not receiving it on time or we are in a hurry to get to the work and we find important things yet to be finished first. And sometimes when our dreams shatter or disappear this indeed becomes too hard to comprehend and digest and we immediately we seek questions and are quick enough to understand what could have been the outcomes if dreams would have been true, we get dejected when your prayers go unheard in spite of countless hours of prayers, yes then do we get disappointed. We do cross the line and start feeding negative assumptions which may never be true, we feel dejected and we start playing a blame game in the name of destiny or fate.

And we all do cross the line at least once in our life if not many a times, don’t we?
Honestly confessing: I have. I’ve been through this phase, I’ve been controlling myself from screaming and leaving the faith in God. Yes, I was disappointed with the judgement of God: I had expected a lot and tried to get appointments in the future and when the appointments weren’t kept then it often made me feel dejected and this forced me to deep pools of negativity and I was emotionally down. But somehow I decided to search for the reasons and seek the answers to my ‘Why’ that was successful to diminish my faith and I lost all hopes towards life. I searched the main cause to the disappointments as always it is framed don’t expect so that you are not dejected but my concept was a little different without letting my expectations go low or let them get faded away but I figured out how to respond to life in a more positive way even if expectations aren’t met. Yes I completely changed my perceptions towards brighter side of  the life for searching not the ‘Why’ but, ‘now what’? How to solve the troubling issues, what is done is done, now I just need to find next probabilities, to match the best solutions.

Often though I had issues with God, for not replying to my prayers, but I did learn the fact that every time I was denied, I was boarded to a new set of opportunities; this redirected my path towards a purpose filled destination throughout life, which made me learn to face life the way I was supposed to face. I did experience that whatsoever life projects in form of hardships or troubles because God wants us to walk on the tougher path making us more strong that our lives demands us to be probably  because God himself wants us to be more stronger emotionally, to get fitted in the tougher world outside.

Often people say that all that happens has a reason behind, while my optimistic psychology forwards a different note altogether, it’s like a pinball play where either we win according to our expectations or we don’t, yet it can’t stop us from playing it. It’s something like a dart, which once thrown might hit or might not. As we are aware that life is not only about a win or a loss it’s a process that we need to understand. Life is a successive journey, but that doesn’t mean that we get disconnected with God when things aren’t working right. We have to accept some life realities we got to accept the harsh pains of defeat at times, as this defeat will fortify all the potentials and the courage that was initially missing.

 Life is in a new form of test always, and we do forget to thank God in this fast paced life. The blessings that are bestowed upon us every morning as we get up in the morning to embrace one more day into our life. We do forget immense of blessings that God showers upon us even without asking or praying. God is always with us for us God is available and always at any time approachable we need to be grateful to him rather than unbalancing our faith or disbelief in God.

 Don’t lose your temper being angry or getting annoyed is very easy and anger is just a step away from danger don’t lose your temper while being disappointed, or making appointments with the future. Life is available now and so live it every moment. Since we think that God has led us down when our appointments with future aren’t met or when we do not attain a satisfactorily results we do have that feeling. We feel God has failed us but it’s not the truth God is always there leading the path in front for us to walk at ease. God has weaved a dream for everyone and he takes care of all his children walking along all the difficult times sailing us through the stormy oceans and does help us to attain what we so much deserve. You can rightfully count and build trust even more strongly and affirm yourself an appointment with future. If God takes away something from our lives it’s only because we are redirected into something different that will add more meaning and purpose to our lives.

I trust God: And that he cares to design each and every expecting desire in his will. He knows the best way for me and I trust all expectations on Him. I do believe in God’s grace, his will and his wisdom. Hence my appointment with the future is safe and serene. Now I do walk on the path of life progressively and in positivity.

Being sincere towards your faith and being patience towards your results makes a tremendous change in our lives, as I know God would arrange all the broken pieces by giving them a new form, much better than the original.
–A living series.




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