Health Benefits of Honey and Ginger.

The health benefits of honey and ginger for treating respiratory problems and throat infections remain unmatched by any other concoction. And that, honey is an excellent medium for transmitting the benefits of herbs such as ginger to the body.  Both honey and ginger have their own respective medicinal properties and individual health benefits and the combination of the two provides even more additional bonuses.

Health benefits of Ginger+Honey.
The health benefits of honey and ginger spice:

1 Asthma: It is also believed that a mixture of honey and ginger, along with black pepper or you can use black pepper as oprional and this combination is capable of treating or reducing the effects of asthma to great levels. It is a natural soothing and anti-inflammatory mix that releases the tension and promotes the flow of oxygen to the lungs and promotes the relaxation of the blood vessels in the lungs.

2 Respiratory problems: The mixture of honey and ginger is an excellent expectorant and hence provides instant relief to people suffering from cough, cold, running nose, and also soothes the irritation caused due to sore throat.

Ginger has a very effective benefit remedy in reduction of nausea and vomiting that is associated with cancer and chemotherapy treatments also it’s very helpful to the Patients who suffer debilitating nausea following these intense treatments.
Ginger helps in emptying of the stomach through its digestive properties, which can prevent the discomfort and probability of nausea. Nausea from chemotherapy is caused by cisplatin, a primary chemotherapy component, and ginger helps to balance out its powerful effects.

Ginger has also been positively connected with reducing the nausea and vomiting that is associated with pregnancy and “morning sickness”. This, combined with the naturally soothing effects of honey, make for a powerful preventative solution to vomiting and nausea caused from various other factors where migrane can be related as one again the trouble makers due to stress and anxiety.

Ginger honey magic doesn’t stop here further it associates its roots in segment of cancer prevention, studies have shown that the combination of honey and ginger result in chemo-preventive properties and this stimulus of enzymes which acts as antioxidant helps reduce the chances of cancer growth and metastasis: the formation and growth of cells. Therefore, a honey ginger tonic, can not only help reduce the symptoms of chemotherapy, but also reduce the chances of getting cancer in the first place.

Indigestion: Ginger and honey combination as a tonic or syrup is a good digestive aid due to the inherent digestive properties of ginger. Also, both ginger and honey have antioxidant properties, thereby increasing the strength of the body’s immune system. Therefore, the consumption of one teaspoon of ginger and honey tonic is very useful for people who have a weak digestive system.

Ginger honey tonic has high levels of protein, which importantly aids in the digestive process, and it also stimulates the secretion of bile, which helps to dissolve fat. Furthermore, it stimulates the growth of intestinal flora, which enhances the digestive process easy and facilitates proper bowel movements.
Honey ginger tonic is a great source with the ability to increase the absorption of other nutrients from food and reduce waste. And also helpful for children as well, this has been traditionally given to ease bowel irritations, stomach pains because it is a very soothing remedy, rather than traditional medicine.

Heart Health: The antioxidant properties of honey and ginger tonic have been shown to moderate the behaviour of protaglandin in the body. Prostaglandins are lipid compounds that are derived enzymatically from fatty acids, which are present in ginger. Prostaglandins are found throughout the body, and are functional elements in almost all organ systems. In terms of heart health, the moderating effects of honey and ginger tonic have directly benefitted and ease blood vessel tension, hence reducing blood pressure and reducing the chances of conditions like, heart attacks, and strokes.

These amazing properties have influenced people all around the world, especially in India, always keep both ginger and honey in their house and prepare this beneficial mixture when someone falls ill with a cold or cough.

The best way to consume ginger and honey is to mix one teaspoon of ginger root juice with one teaspoon of honey. Ginger honey a boon to our health, a herb that helps to health benefits and most present in a fresh preparation and are meant for a quick and easy preparation of a ginger and honey beverage.

Inderjit kaur.


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