As we see the lavish green nature coalesced with beauty it reminds, it could not have been possible without the determination of the seed that was buried in soil away from light. But the seed knew it has to lose itself in search of light.  Hence the seed opts to rise above and keeps adapting the weather’s change, standing tall refocused and determined, eventually ready to stand marking its presence as an achievement and inspiring the world with one thought and I quote:-

“The seed of every act springs with the hidden seed of your thought to overcome all the challenging situation with positive determination.” 

Keep walking being assertive and being positive, choosing to be more joyful and happy in every situations of life.

I do certainly believe that happy people shine brighter as they dwell in possibilities, they live in today that’s the only the truth available now. Being happy and being positive is the only way to make a difference and keep walking. 
Positive thoughts do help to shape you and the world around you in success. Apparently success means different to different people. Some are happy to gain a ranking, some may be happy to acquire more wealth, some are happy with their health. 
The list may be unending but yes, if you’re not positive you may create a hollow dark gap of uncertainties in the form of a vacuum that will leave you unbalanced and unexplored to your potentials. You would definitely resist to take a risk and fail to accomplish the desired goals of your life.

 Let me simplify a little bit more about being positive as that’s the essential and important element that keeps us walking. 

•Be sure that you learn from everything you come across. 
•Be sure that you can make an assertive decision in your everyday chart, no matter how big or small the task remains. •Make sure that there’s a purpose for your life that you can look forward as a ray of hope that you can clinch up to, while drowned in deep despair or hard times.
•Do perceive a clear vision of your thoughts that you’re seeking in life. That’s like setting up a goal determination brick by brick like the making of a wall.
•Don’t just set goals set some probabilities of all the pros and cons that you would adhere or something like a backup more precisely a standby strategy if in case everything fails?
•Don’t hurry completing easy things try the harder one to give a try, and experience everything by taking a risk and expand your edges performing a little more extra every day and keep toning your abilities to keep walking in persistence. 
•Be a person you want to be, and be your own boss your own director, expecting greater things from yourself. Yes, you’re affiliated to rebuild and reform everything that is needed to make a difference.
•Act bold and thus rebuild your confidence and boost your enthusiasm, facing all your fears actively and positively, in determination to defeat the negative surfing issues permanently.

The more you intend to walk in courage the more you’ll feel positive about yourself. 


Yes the path will be crossed by your critics at times and you may get provoked by their remarks, but remember if you receive a remark take it positively as progressive criticism.  Just do not react.  When you react to your critics,  you indirectly give them full marks for their assessments.


Things will be not smooth, every path will be unclear and vague enough for you to give up and this may tempt you to hold back, but you must, keep walking even if you fail, don’t worry failures are important as well. If you’re not failed that simply means you’re not trying hard or not participating enough to push. Just think what you could have done in absence of your fears adding a little pinch of confidence in yourself, take baby steps every time you face fear or failures, just make sure you don’t stand at one place and get stagnant. Keep the hope sparking inside always, no matter what, try that way just keep the walk going forward on and on and on.

On this Road…. Keep walking.
I knew that I was in desperate need to walk out and completely break from my current path that I was walking aimlessly. As I did not intended to just make a simple change to the way that I was walking, but I wanted to profoundly change the way I lived and just needed an inspiring thought in form of life changing epiphany that could twist the world around me that I was very much looking for in the darkest hours of my life. Once I realized what the real and more importantly, what was the thing that mattered me the most, the flame was lit and the inspiration canvased as action.
The most important and the only easy way to navigate your life is self-help.


We have to weave the wrap and wefts interlacing the threads of happiness and sorrows. It’s just as simple that if you intend to make a drastic change just stop living in past and you need to prepare yourself to start new things discontinuing the former that were detreating your inner growth and entangling you into darkest tunnels suppressing you to live the real life. The peril of the thoughts that are accepted widely about life pertaining that everything happens by chance or more likely that time has not come for so and so makes me a little considerate. Yes, I see people waiting for stars to get aligned in the skies often leads only one thought in my mind that people dwell in least purpose, I mean that they lack purposes and goals in the life.

We need to first self-help ourselves and that no one else can do that for you.

And just be prepared that not all decisions would lead to the desired outcomes but be prepared to all the inevitable circumstances building some sort of flexibility that simply means adjusting and  refocussing your outlook into more possible probabilities and that you can now adjust to outcome, as the process now becomes easy.
A feasibility is established.
But once you adapt or opt to quit it becomes a habit of lifetime.

Keep smiling, keep shining, and keep walking.
Inderjit kaur…


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