Gratitude – Celebration of happiness.


Everyone is seeking an ecstasy of peace and tranquillity from life. No one likes to get indulged in unnecessary tensions and stressful life.

We strive hard throughout our lives day in and day out trying to be industrious; accumulating names, fames, accolades, positions, identities- all sorts of materialistic forms of happiness but the true happiness lies deeply delved inside ourselves.

When we are contented with what we have and we are able to bring a smile on the facade of the person in front of us by making him see the glittering sunshine even if he is struggling hard to surf up from the darkness of his life.

Happiness often stays along forever only if we allow it to be there with us when we include it in our lives just by being more grateful and uncluttered to the world of negatives and grudges.

By being grateful we acknowledge the presence of everyone as equally important and we contribute more towards life being less narcissistic and in this way we agree to most of what life has in store for us.
Apparently being able to be grateful to every person who actually contributes and serves some kind of reasons for you or is there for you always, is appreciated. 

If only you could percolate some time from your busy schedule for demonstrating your gratefulness towards your parents for they cared for you every minute in the walk of life i.e towards the journey from your childhood to youth.

Being able to illustrate some gratitude towards your friends by showing up and remaining beside them when they needed you the most brings out the real you.

Thanking your teacher for being supportive at times and at various occasions can be just a great act of showing your gratitude.
It’s remarkably well appreciated when one manages to take out some time from their busy schedule and just feels the bliss of thanksgiving. Apparently when you notice your elders showering on you tons and tons of blessings always even when not asked for or they constantly pray to let their children be happy and in peace and praying for them, then you must reciprocate the same through your respect.

 Inderjit kaur.



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