A place for me.


“Men seek retreats for themselves: houses in the country, seashores and mountains; and thou too art won’t to desire such things very much,” said Marcus Aurelius.

It’s very important to self-analyze and be in calmness at times opting to be in solitude to reenergize and for harnessing your potentials that are essential to build you strong hence leveraging your inner beliefs. Each and every one do long for happiness and peace.
At the end of the day we constantly look out for a place to be in solitude and seek a quiet room inside our own self, like the depth of calm oceans that are never touched however the rough waves surfacing onto it. Thus we need to create a quiet room within our mind that can serve as relaxing chamber at times of emotional turmoil. I do understand it’s not easy but we need to constantly search this quiet place and retreat it with quietness over and over that we do so much deserve. We can always manifest to what we believe we can thus with our persistence build a quiet room in our mind, which can act as our own decompression unit that can help you distress, refreshing you to work more efficiently in your life. A place for yourself that can reconnect you back to this beautiful life rejuvenating your presence as an extension card.

Do make your working area, your living room a beautiful place that can add peaceful and tranquillity with some flowers and best draperies adding a sprinkle with mild room fresheners.


Always letting the fresh airs to keep flowing in instead of the compact gloomy rooms, so whether its home or your workplace make sure you get to see some nature everyday with windows open for fresh air to embrace your skin a refreshing tone always, rejuvenating you every minute. Let the colours of the wall be from mild cool and calm textures that soothes your eyes with good and less furniture and no distracting elements of negativity.

Quite simply a beauty of calmness that makes everything splendour.
We have the power to withdraw ourselves seeking a perfect tranquility within, when we can truly connect with ourselves…
Keep smiling keep shining.


Inderjit kaur.


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