At times despair and hopelessness is all that’s left  around, and you will face a certain period of life to be the most dreadful.
Since the most hurting experiences come from all the people we had trusted the most.
When you will brood over how you’ll face the world out there.
When our self-esteem and dignity is wounded, we are broken and shattered into pieces and suffer inside.
It demands a great deal of courage to make a change and trust yourself. You start making strategies which define you to be a winner: you talk like a true winner. But certainly if you’re not strong from within and try to compromise with the situations; you will reflect a defeat in your eyes and can become an easy prey for the outer world once again.
I do understand you’re stressed I’m just trying to intersect the chain of stressed thoughts that make you worry so much.

Be positive. Be strong.
I appreciate your efforts
You’ve been through extremely bizarre conditions and circumstances and I do respect you for all.

Believe me you’ve the tenacity and determination of which you’re not fully aware.
Just think for a moment about all the obstacles that you’ve successfully managed to overcome in the past.
You can walk further.
You’re strong.
And I really appreciate you.
Be positive.
I’m sure soon there’s a way out and all the delayed issues will be dusted off.
Don’t just stress and curb your enthusiasm towards life.


I know you are on a right path for a quantum leap forward.
I appreciate your efforts and
admire you. Just be positive.

Dusty roads have unclear vision.
Let the wind blow carry away the dust.


Relax don’t think much and  occupy yourself in something  more fruitful like simply go for a walk and after few hours calmly sort out the poised issues.
The fact is life has never given you anything for free, now you have to allow yourself to strongly rely on your abilities.
Once you’re aware of your strength each troubled issue will be within your reach.
Be calm be positive and you’ll be able to turn every initiative into success.
You’ll see you gaining trust in life again and rediscovering passion as never before thus you make a forward leap.
It’s quite obvious that
everything you’ve ever dreamed of and that you desire will often show up in different package than you envisioned. So be strong and accept the things that you can and change the one that you can’t.
There’s absolutely no problem to break down the resistance of those who want to curb your enthusiasm towards life as your heart knows that you’re right and on the right path.
Connecting back enthusiastically with life in every moment.
And lead bravely. Do that, and the future is yours!
Whatever you choose, make it work more efficiently.


Keep smiling, keep shining.
For Life is Awesome.
Inderjit kaur.


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