Negative thoughts do impact our life. They do some thing little more that does makes an impact to our brain, body as well our life. Just be there with me for some moments, so we cater the cards of negative impacts on our life.
Suppose let’s just imagine that you’re walking alone in an almost completely solitude road as your car did play a foul and you’re unable to start the engine.
There’s no one around, apparently the first thing that settles in is, a fear which can run as fast as you could have ever imagined with all types of doubtful events which may never happen. Further another instance, if you’re stuck in dark forest and you clinch into the fears of unknown voices approaching towards you.
Immediately your brain pans a emotion of fear which impacts to first keep yourself safe not worried about the world out there
ignoring all the facts that you can perhaps opt to run or to climb a tree or immediately call your dear ones making a call, but this life rescuing thoughts remain irrelevant in the presence of fear that has now eventually multiplied in hundreds of negative thoughts, deeply in your brain.
Now you just focus on the unknown fear and the voice you’re hearing in deep forest.
You do not want to explore the best way out of the dark forest as you’re stuck in negative assumptions. You stop being practical and just get drifted in fears of darkest hours.This is how negatives do influence us almost paralysing us to move a step further.
Similarly experiencing the toughest sessions with stressful events in life you drift suddenly and now you want to just ask yourself:
“How long I’m supposed to be suffering?.”
You’re already given up as you feel paralysed walking even a step further in life.
Well, the negative content of thoughts have already piled up forcing you to give up. The events that are becoming increasingly difficult, and tempt you to give up.
In both the cases your brain just  closes the better optional methods, that could have been an easy way out. Both the  times we see that  the doors of exploring better soluttions to the poised issues were closed due to negatively influenced thoughts that did certainly impacted your brain by a simple factor of unknown reason and uncertainties of fears.


Unfortunately in both the instances, the negative thinking blocks the expansion of ideas that could have been explored to get suitable solutions.
Negative thoughts just stopped you to get the most appropriate way out. That’s the way the negatives gets hold of you thus imbalances your walk, also it does greatly influence on our brains and life.
Thus these impacts our life full of fears,  uncertainties and opens the doors of unknown reasons that stop you to walk in confidence, in courage.

When we don’t make enough of efforts to make necessary changes we tend to give up and allow self made limits to our growths.
Just similar like a very simple example here let me introduce the best way to understand. We all know that eating junk won’t help anyway. We know its unhealthy, we know that not exercising, not caring of ourselves would definitely impact life with medical issues and lethargy.
Here’s the role of will power getting diminished as you’re not motivated and that you’re not feeling good anyway.
Thus, brain makes a recession towards negative trip and closes the outside world and you venture out in a depression. Emotional fears, anxiety, anger stress all working together making you feel vulnerable.

Now here’s the importance of this debating issue: Does being positive helps?
And precisely I would state
Yes, indeed.

Positive is filled with possibilities.
Let’s figure out what positive emotions does in helping you to find better possibilities.
Let me put into more simpler form.
Being positive redirects our minds to look for more options.
Being positive helps broadening our sense of adaptive behaviour and fuels a positive vibe that opens ones mind resulting in contentment, joy, and happiness.
Your experiences would improve and this would make direct impact your skills. You look forward to life, your believes get strengthen into looking best of choices available.
Benefits of being positive doesn’t gets hooked here, they further expand and doubles your will power, enhanced skills leveraging resources and shaping and eventually crafting a new person of you.
Your communication skills get enhanced more better you’re getting able to put your thoughts across in confidence that helps you to attain the deserved results.
You tend to get support and success in life.
The exploration of better choices, better changes  promote a new creative brain that gets accepted.
As stated earlier negatives do just the opposite.
And so it’s important to understand how being positive work, does it helps?
Of course the answer is:
YES, being positive works, it explores a finest new individual in you and there’s a retrieval of joy and happiness in life.

Keep Smiling.
Keep Shining.

Inderjit Kaur


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