Today is the day and it will shine in brilliance if you allow it to be.
Sun or no sun don’t allow anyone else to block the rays of happiness from reaching towards you.
You can, if you believe.
You can, if you desire.
You can, if you acquire the strength to conquer your quest of unsettled thoughts.
Don’t allow the pain or the past situation to be so intense, that it captivates you to walk further that indirectly leads you to self destruction.
After breathing toxins from the negative people or situations don’t forget to exhale and remove yourself from the entangled environment.
You can if you believe it’s not hard it’s the mindset that drives you towards success or failures.
Look behind, that’s the place you’ll find your lessons that highlight and redirect you not to repeat the same mistakes.
Remember you’ve had the ability always and shall always be with you to make a change by opting a chance to take a great decision.
But yes, sometimes you have to be very clear in your mind.
Think before you take a critical decision making. If you make a wrong choice, the ability to do so again may be taken away from you.
Be a positive example, it requires a great deal of courage to ignite a spark of change.
Remember there falls a shadow between conception and creation.
Be active take the responsibility work for the things that you believe.
If you want to leave your footprints on the sand, don’t drag your feet in confusion.
It’s always best to walk slow in confidence, rather than running aimlessly.
Shores often tell their stories of the feet that walked on them, of the waves that touched to leave an impression that relay an inspiration to those who are still fighting back to cross the stormy oceans.
In difficult times just be patience and remember some things in life are not to meant and are best to not have.
Remember that life is a collage of courage, willpower, discipline just erase your fears and look beyond this philosophy can be stated more succinctly:-
True enlightened people are those who experience happiness in small achievements and experience happiness on daily basis, tackling their weaknesses and fears much ahead, even if they have to dive deep into the unknown reasons or measures of discomforts they actively participate, resolving to live and improvise every aspect of themselves continuously.
Applied correctly life moves into the realm of ordinary to the excellence in shape of extraordinary, with your own effective and purposeful efforts.
I must alert you if you lack in willpower or decision making that’s a weakness and if you’re drifting still in the odds it’s high time to make priorities in life and stamp out this ill habits immediately and you’ll find;
No hurdles are too high for you to overcome and no challenge is too tough for you to surmount.
Rise with the rising sun and let it bless you in abundance of energy. 
keep smiling keep shining.
Inderjit kaur.


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